There seems to be a little confusion or misinformation out there in regards to the upcoming Throwback Weekend festivities coming up on October 15th & 16th. So just to clear all this up, the Saturday night Tweet-up at The Abbey Bar,  Sunday morning Tailgate at The Green Bay Distillery & Post-game party at the Distillery are all open to everyone .  Even you, sitting there in the corner wearing that Favre jersey still, you’re even invited. ;-)

So now that that is out of the way, what are you waiting for?  Book your flight, train, ferry, horse & buggy or whatever and plan on being in Green Bay that weekend to meet and spend some time with all the people you’ve been interacting online with these past months or years.  Don’t have tickets?  No excuse, several people I know that are coming don’t have tickets and just plan on being there for the experience & you’ll have a group to watch the game with as well. So if you were on the fence because you thought this was an ‘invite only’ thing, put those concerns aside and here is all the relevant info you need:

Throwback Weekend Details
Throwback Weekend Name Badges
Throwback Weekend Roster Sign-in (this is voluntary but greatly helps us in planning)

Any questions?  Email us at .


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  • Colleen

    Except for if you’re Brett Favre wearing a Brett Favre jersey. He’s been warned off. ;)

  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    Y’know, if you wanted to be nice, you could all get together and show any Favre-jersey wearer the “error of his/her way” and replace it with something more appropriate.

    P.S. Colleen….are you talking about the *real* Brett Favre, or that fake guy running around Green Bay a few weeks back?

  • foundinidaho

    Carol – some joker put “Brett Favre” on the roster sheet, so I gave heads up that if the real one arises (not any imitation) he may have to fear for his life. I hate to think what would happen if cellaigh_k and I REALLY got our hands on him. ;)