Tom Crabtree ( TCrabtree83 ): “Sad to see all these folks in Chicago missing every finger except the middle. I think they’re trying to wave to us.”

Bears week comes but twice a year, and each time, the rivalry sparks anew. Fans, friends, enemies, frenemies alike gather to physically  verbally spar and joust over which side will reign victorious. Similarly, professional athletes often take the “one game at a time” approach when asked by media how they attack each week, each game. With the Bears v. Packers, we do the same, but to the extreme. Records are tossed off a cliff. What took place a week before means little and what is to come, bears no relevance. One day, one game, 4 quarters, winner take all.

Off the field and on the television or radio waves, the Packers-Bears rivalry is the culmination of our very being. On the field, the wounds appear to be just as raw.

Yesterday left Green Bay 1 up. The Packers won; the Bears fell…hard. Most players stayed politically correct, commending the performance of their opponents or vowing to be better next week. After all, it was just one game, early in the season. Being totally honest, though, we Packer fans will revel in this victory until the two sides meet again. A win, in Soldier Field, with Jay Cutler turning the rock over twice, Matt Forte gaining 2(!) yards rushing (Packers-Barry Sanders -1 yards rushing performance-esque), Bears fans lamenting the fact that their team doesn’t have “it” on ESPNChicago — yadda, yadda — all in all, Sunday was a great day.

But of course Chicago wouldn’t let Green Bay escape without one final “F-U,” literally.

The above tweet by Tom Crabtree was re-tweeted over 100 times, so I’m guessing very few have missed it. But it’s hilarious, factual, spot on, and a perfect conclusion to the rivalry week that was. The best part, Crabtree simply left it at that – no response, none necessary. So long Chicago(0-1); we’ve moved on to the Denver Broncos.


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  • foundinidaho

    And it made Peter King’s MMQB. Gotta love our Tom!

  • CaptElaino

    And this is why we love Tom Crabtree. :)