This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is NFL Daughters.

Rachel Bradshaw (Terry Bradshaw)

If you’re coming to Throwback Weekend , only a few weeks away, and want to make sure people know who you are get your pre-order in today for an official Throwback Weekend name badge .

ACME Packing Company recaps the Packers win over the Bears, 27-17 .

Brian’s ‘Chips Report’ for the Week 3 win.

The other big news over the weekend was the Brewers clinching the NL Central Crown on Friday evening. Disciples of Uecker tells us why We (They) Deserve This.  We (They) Are Good Enough. has more on the NL Central champs, saying just stop & smell the…champgne .

Recapping the Badgers’ 59-10 win on Saturday.

As expected, ESPN ‘College GameDay’ headed back to Madison  for the Wisconsin/Nebraska matchup this coming weekend.

Some Bucks news and notes from

Some interesting choices here in this list of the NCAA Superconferences and their Superhero Equivalents .

The top football movies and Rudy is only number 9?

More than just a grain of truth to these Four Ways Being a Sports Fan is Making You a Worse Person .

Nothing like some urine myths & theories to get you day going.

Hmmm, I’m glad I don’t generally don’t use any of these, What Your Internet Laugh Says About You .

If you’re going to be a badass, you should look good doing it: Most Stylish Badasses in Movies .

Hope Dworaczyk doing what she does best, looking great.

That Worked Out Well – On Friday I said today we’d hopefully be celebrating a Packers win over the Bears & a NL Central Championship Brewers team.  Both of those things happened, along with a rout by the Badgers on Saturday so this has shaped up to be a pretty good Monday for everyone. The fun isn’t over yet though as the Brewers still need to finish strong to insure a 2nd place seeding in the playoffs & we’ll have all week to talk about Nebraska coming into Camp Randall Saturday night. Throw in a home Packers game as well to the equation and we should have a lot of anticipation for the upcoming week.  But today, let’s enjoy the wins for all of our teams.

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  • Anita

    I’d put Rudy above Any Given Sunday. Aside from, Pacino’s last speech, it just kinda sucked for me. Maybe it was because it contained Cameron Diaz.

    I was IN Rudy. Yep, I was. You HAD to have seen me. I was one of those people in the stadium shots. What, you didn’t see me amongst the 60,000 (pre-stadium expansion) people cheering?