I’m not actually referring to him as the devil, but he already took the title “Blogging with the Enemy.” Didn’t have too many options left.

Jonathan Carroll is a writer at  RantSports.com and an active Chicago Bears informant on Twitter. He can be found under the username @ChicagoBearJew , a reference to the movie “Inglorious Basterds.” You’ve heard the saying: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” If you are looking for some passionate but honest analysis of the NFC North rivals, and about football in general, it’s a good place to start.

Jonathan started the Q&A Session on Tuesday, and you can read my thoughts on this weekend’s Packers/Bears game here . Now it is my turn to get his reactions on a few topics leading up to the big Week 3 matchup.


- What is the Bears’ biggest strength that non-Bear fans might not know about?

Special Teams. Corey Graham led the NFL in tackles last season for a Special Teams player. The Chicago Bears have a really strong Special Teams unit, and most fans seem to ignore that part of the game. Obviously, everyone knows about Devin Hester, but there’s a ton of talent on this unit. Kudos to Lovie Smith for making Special Teams a priority.

- What are the best and worst parts of Mike Martz’s game plan?

Mike Martz is very creative. He also is very in love with himself. There are times he does things offensively that are really amazing, and other times things just seem to flat-out suck. He has to be reigned in at times, but there are other times when he designs plays that very few minds could conceive. In one year, his play calling got the Chicago Bears to the NFC title game. That was with a suspect offensive line and poor wide receivers. He has to get credit for his coaching.

- There was so much criticism regarding Jay Cutler last season during the NFC Championship. Two games into the current season, Cutler has had one great game and one average game. What are the feelings on Culter from both the fan base as well as his teammates?

Any idiot that still questions Jay Cutler’s toughness should go back to cheering for the White Sox. I really do not want those tools anywhere near my fan base. The guy injured his knee and still wanted to play. He also has diabetes. You can question some of his decisions, but not his toughness. Former Chicago Bear tight end Desmond Clark was on the radio this morning and was singing Cutler’s praises. He says the media only seems to show him sulking, but he is always working with teammates and helping to coach players on the sideline. The guys in the locker room like him, and as a true intelligent Chicago Bears fan, I am excited that he’s the Chicago Bears quarterback. Considering some of the dog crap that’s been here before, Cutler is a Godsend.

- The Packers will win this game if….

They show up according to you pal. In all seriousness, the Packers need to not make stupid mistakes. Take care of the football and don’t give the Chicago Bears unnecessary opportunities. The Packers are the better team at the moment, so if they stick to their game plan and play mistake-free football they’ll win.

- The Bears will win this game if….

Run the damn football. When the Chicago Bears commit to running the football, they become a much better football team. Defensively, the Bears are as good as it gets in the league. But when they keep that unit on the field due to three and outs, it will become less effective.

- Name 3 Bears players that will most impact this game.

Matt Forte, Charles Tillman and Corey Graham.

- Your final prediction?

Packers 24 Bears 17


Thanks again to Jonathan Carroll for extending the olive branch of peace before this intense game. It’s always a pleasure to work with new people, and hopefully we’ll be able to keep things civil come Sunday’s game.


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