This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is On The Sidelines.

Ashley Russell

Have a Packers, NFL or even sports in general question you need an answer to?  Submit that questions today to the Pocket Doppler Angels to have it included in the very first edition of Ask An Angel . It’s just like Ask Vic with the exception of the person answering your question actually likes the Packers and more likely than not won’t make you feel like a jerk afterwards.

Guess we won’t have to worry about any of that pesky clinching stuff on the Brewers day off today, courtesy of a 7-1 loss to the Cubs .

Bernie’s Crew has some things to watch for before the playoffs .

Total Packers on why James Starks Is (Unofficially) Packers No. 1 Back .

So will you become a Packers Shareholder should the team have a stock offering this fall?

Been hearing more & more of this lately, Russell Wilson Receiving Deserved Heisman Publicity .

The Sports Bank on how Wisconsin Badgers Wideout Nick Toon is a Rising Prospect .

Bucksketball with the continuing series The Best of a Bad Situation: 10. Desmond Mason .

Here’s the application for SEC Membership .

Most Anticipated Sports Stories of Fall 2011 , and answer to the first one is No.

I know the show is suppose to be uplifting and all, but it’s a little hard to argue with these 11 Cruelest Aspects of ‘Biggest Loser’.

Can you imagine if one of these  41 Funniest Sexist Print Ads From The Past  ran today?

I think I may have seen a couple these before, but a lot are new: Examples of Redneck Ingenuity .

Haven’t had her in this space for awhile, Pics From Kate Upton’s Latest Beach Bunny Photo Shoot .

Don’t Have To Worry About That Now – With the Brewers lopsided loss to the Cubs yesterday afternoon, looks like we’ll have to wait till the weekend for an opportunity to clinch the NL Central.  Or perhaps I should say I hope we see the Brewers clinch at home this weekend.  I feel pretty good about the chances of the happening so am not too worried & it would be pretty nice to see that happen in Miller Park in front of the home town fans.  Have to give credit to our own BrewTownBoozer for the Tweet of the game (if not the entire day) though when he said this yesterday afternoon: Randy Wolf making his best case for a 3 man rotation today .

Featured Image Credit: Benny Sieu/JSOnline

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