This weekend I am going to venture on one of the bravest journeys of my life to date. I am heading to Soldier Field to cheer on MY team, the Green Bay Packers. This wouldn’t be as scary if the last time the Packers made an appearance in Chicago had ended differently. Instead, the Packers beat the Chicago Bears 21-14 to advance to the Super Bowl, where they won the World Championship title.

The NFC Championship game is not one that Bears fans have forgotten or will any time in the near future. Players and fans alike are ready for their chance to take down the Pack. I am already having nightmares about Sunday.

Have no fear; I have created a survival guide to ensure my safety and, more importantly, my sanity.

1. Keep the statistics handy.

Bears fans love to use statistics to brag that they are superior. They have lots of them since they are one of the oldest teams in the league. Ha! Bring it.

Two examples:

The Green Bay Packers have more NFL world championships than any other team at 13.
The Packers have won the most Super Bowls in the NFC North Division, 3 more than the Bears.

2. Let your jersey speak for itself.

I will be wearing my Rodgers jersey in Chicago on Sunday. Why Rodgers? Because Bears fans have no room to knock on our quarterback. Unless I just missed Cutler’s Domination last week. Yeah…moving on.

While you could wear just about any Packers jersey and have a good argument for why it’s worth sporting their number, I feel the #12 really rubs in our quarterback superiority. Either way, be ready to back up your choice. Bears fans will challenge your player.

3. Tailgate and cheer with respect.

Remember you are NOT on home turf, and you will be outnumbered. Heckling is unavoidable as the guest to a rival, and friendly trash talk is acceptable. Remember you represent all Packer fans when you wear Green and Gold. It’d be a shame to give us a bad rep.

Keep in mind how you would feel at Lambeau if someone was obnoxiously offending your team. Most of the Bears fans will know what’s going on and won’t need your reinacting the Raji dance when he intercepts Cutler’s perfectly thrown pass.

One exception–if you came to the game with friends who are Bears fans, it is acceptable to trash talk to them. Heck, they expect it. That’s why they invited you right?

4. Find other Packer fans.

Chicago is not that far from the Wisconsin border. I know plenty of Pack fans travel to the Windy City to watch the Green and Gold play. Sometimes it’s best to cheer with fellow fans rather than start a nasty brawl with the rival. Remember, Bears fans are still bitter.

5. Brats, Beer and the Scoreboard

It’s a football game; enjoy a brat. Grab a beer to numb the pain of listening to the Bear Down, Chicago Bears song (Hopefully Cutler will “dominate”, and we won’t have to worry about hearing it). When the rival fans get mean, just smile and let the scoreboard reflect the true winner.

What would you add to my survival guide?


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  • Lauren

    I was at the NFC Championship game, and let me tell you, the worst part was walking out after we won. Prepare to get beer thrown on you, so I’d bring a poncho to protect that jersey. :)

    Great tips, and remember, the last time the Bears won a Super Bowl cell phones weren’t even invented. Pack fans travel well, especially to Chicago, so I’d expect you’ll have some allies. :)

    If you use stats, be prepared for Chicago to say they have won the most regular season match-ups. Outside of that, they don’t have much to go on, and its pretty close anyway.

    Good luck and stay in one piece, PIC.

    • Amanda

      Ah yes they love the stat “won the most regular season match-ups”. Good for you, at least we make our wins count! I will update you on my encounters PIC!

  • Tim

    Do not go to the bathroom alone. I speak from experience. If you can’t find an escort, consider wetting your pants.

    • Amanda

      Thanks for the advice Tim! When I read your comment I nervously chuckled to myself…heh. :S

  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    Make sure you yell GO PACK GO once or twice for me. I’ll actually be up in Wisconsin on Sunday….must remember to bring my Rodgers jersey to annoy the Bears fans I’ll be with. I’ll probably be driving back from the West Bend/Fond du Lac area right about game time….hauling horses, listening to the game on the radio. That always makes my co-pilot nervous

    Love your survival points, by the way. I’ve only been to one Packer game at Soldier Field, several years ago. It was the first football game my husband had ever been to. Would you believe he told me not to wear my green-and-gold?!?! He was afraid for my safety, but felt a little better when he saw the number of very obvious Packer fans in the stands. GO PACK!!

    • Amanda

      At least he was concerned for your safety Carol! I will definitely be chanting Go Pack Go!

  • Anita

    I think wearing a Raji jersey would be the ultimate “kiss my ass” to a Bears fan! Last time the Packers visited, The Freezer was dancing in their endzone!

    I’ve been there three times, and all three times have been treated rudely. I believe the words, “Packer Bitch” were used to address me. And then there was the hot coffee thrown at me which stained my Packer jacket. Please be careful!

    • Amanda


      • Anita

        Yep. A WOMAN two rows behind me, threw her coffee on me, unprovoked. And I was basically just sitting there and talking with the person next to me. She threw it at the jacket, not my face, so I didn’t get burned, but the jacket was stained and had to be thrown out. I felt sorry for the family sitting in the row between us. They had kids with them and looked pretty embarrassed. After she doused me, her comment was “Who ya rootin’ for now, bitch?”

        Oh yeah, honey, I’m a straight up Bear fan now! Believe it. NOT.

        In contrast, I’ve also gone to see the Packers in Detroit and Indy and never had a bad experience in either of those places.

        Last time was the infamous 2007 Below Zero Game (Favre’s last trip to Soldier Field). I’ve never been so cold in my life. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too cold for the douchebag behind me who kept screaming for Urlacher to break Favre’s legs, and continually kneed me in the back of the head, to call me “sister” in a mocking tone and tell me that my team sucked. My only response was, “I’ll remember that while I’m watching my team in the playoffs in a couple of weeks while your’s are hitting the links down south.” Dude was a motormouth shitstain. My only comfort was thinking that it was so cold that maybe his balls had frozen to the points that the chances of him reproducing were cut significantly.

    • http://PocketDoppler Carol

      I’ve been to a few other games at Soldier Field, but nothing as passionate as a Packer-Bear game. I much prefer Lambeau (natch!), tho the only time I’ve ever seen a fight in the stands (after probably 15-20 visits to the Frozen Tundra) was a Bear game. Packer fans truly are a Good Bunch, and keep the taunts respectable (mostly) even when we’re wiping the field with our opponent (thinking of a Saints game a few years back, we won 40-something to 3).

      • Mark

        Every team has those disrespectful fans I have friends who are bears fans, viking fans (I’m from Minnesota and go to college where the queens have TC), and even lions fans all are respectful. Sure we like to trash talk but at the end of the day we’re friends.

  • Wally

    When Behnke & I were at least year’s NFCCG we didn’t have much problem in the stadium at all. In fact we got friendly with an older lady who was a Bears’ season ticket holder sitting behind us & she sort of became our guardian angel, even scolding some Bears fans a couple rows up who started giving us grief. Now, in the parking lots walking around beforehand was a little different story, got a more than a fair amount of abuse thown our way but at least it was just verbal and not physical abuse.

  • foundinidaho

    Would only go there if I knew there Bears would lose. Which even I cannot always say will be so. Be careful…sure it will be fine…but I’ve been to Boise State games as a Nevada alum. Yikes.

  • John Rehor

    Please let us know how your journey to Soldier Field goes. I am curious to see if my prediction of VERY vocal Bears fans comes true.

  • dgtalmn

    I found the true weapon is stats, seems to quiet most folks. The issue can escalate when beer is involved. I live in AZ and have seen the Pack here many times. Once the Cardinals built a stadium the quality of the average Cardinal fan deminished. Haven’t made it to Lambeau yet :(

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