As soon as Pack Nation knew Nick Collins was out for the season, calls for Darren Sharper appeared.

Gosh, we are such a nostalgic bunch when we completely overlook what a drama queen that kid was. Need I remind you of 4th and 26th? Our Cover 2 package completely broke down, and Sharper, who was responsible for partially covering Mitchell, went past the first down marker positioning himself for an interception rather than preventing any catch.

Yes, Nick Barnett shouldn’t have gone for the TE. We all know that. Bringing back Sharper isn’t a TT move in the least. He is nothing if not predictable when it comes to this stuff. DE Hall Davis, NG Sealver Siliga and DB Robert Rose? That’s a TT move. I could also see TT evaluating putting Bush at safety and Pat Lee at nickel. I’ve also been impressed with Burnett, as he seems to have the same level of play as a young Collins and could be molded. Another TT trait, retain players and mold them into Packers.

The Sharper talk was second only to the Bears fans in my timeline who were celebrating at Collins going out because of a serious neck injury. Classy. I don’t care which team you root for, that’s uncalled for. Much of Pack Nation supported Urlacher this week when his mom died.

Just add it as Reason #45968493 that Bears fans grate my cheese like no other.

The Collins injury is bad news bears for a few reasons, mostly with how Collins performs in the middle of the field.

The Pack use a few key schemes including Cover 1, 2-Man and Cover 2 packages. Collins’ ball handling skills can’t be matched right away by Peprah (who I expect to fill the position) so production will be a bit lower. Will this change the defensive play at all?

No, not when a starter gets injured from the secondary. Our secondary does need to get it together, because we can’t have QBs moving the ball that well down the field. I expect to see the Bears pass the ball a lot to test the defensive line, just because it’s a total Mike Martz move. Hopefully we see Cutler cry, but it’s going to be a test to how we can survive without Collins. We’re going to see more deep inside routes from the Bears this weekend.

Moving on…..

Our defense. I think it’s easy to hit the panic button when we see a display like the first two drives of the Carolina game. It’s not a talent issue, it’s a sync issue. They looked completely out of pattern until they settled down. Maybe they need to go on a camping trip or take turns braiding Matthews’ hair, but for the love, get it together.

It was a bit alarming, though, to see fans so up in arms about “lack of pass rush.” Maybe we need to define to some what that actually entails, because the Pack defense had  four sacks and seven QB hits. There is absolutely no problem with the pass rush, but I do think we need to have someone stronger opposite of Matthews.

To wrap up, I just have to say…. HOLY GUACAMOLE BATMAN DID YOU SEE CLAY’S ABS?

Sorry, fellas. You know how we Angels feel about Matthews.

What do you think? How is our secondary going to do against the Bears? Think its logical to call for Sharper’s return?


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  • Mark

    I think we’ll be fine at S but wouldn’t mind another safety back there (not Sharper) someone like Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith (who’s 23 or 24)

  • BigSnakeMan

    If you look around the NFL, there’s really no one this side of the Jets that’s playing stingy defense. As they say, the best D is a good offense and at least the Pack is covered there.