How many of you Packer fans have had someone tell you the Green and Gold won’t be good in the 2011 season? Or did anyone tell you they will suffer from the “Super Bowl Hangover”?

Pause. (All hands rise.)

Excuse me while I wipe this smirk off my face. If you think your Super Bowl hangover reasoning is the doom of the 2011 Green Bay Packers, I am afraid you are mistaken. There are a lot of players, fans and analysts who are ready to watch the Pack bite the dust, which is very common when you’re the World Champions. When your team achieves the ultimate goal, criticism and doubtfulness will follow.

The Player, Fan and Anaylst

Thomas Davis, linebacker for the Carolina Panthers, is coming out with a win in Week 2. Or that’s what he thinks . Did anyone tell him he’s playing the Packers?

My fellow writer from, Drew Lange, likes to send me every single claim that the Packers will lose whenever he finds one. Heck, he even has five reasons why the Packers won’t repeat . Sidenote: He struggled with these. See number 5. As a Vikings fan, this is how he survives the season.

Even Skip Bayless had words for the Packers AFTER their win against the New Orleans Saints. Obviously, a win isn’t quite a win with Mr. Bayless.

I hate to break it to ya, Davis, Drew and Skip, but beating the Packers is not going to be a walk in the park kind of game for the opponent. It’s not just them, though. Lots of people are waiting for the Packers to fall, trip, choke and mess up their 2011 season.

Here’s my response to them:

The Players

To Thomas Davis, I get it; you’re building up confidence, which is the right mindset to have when you’re about to face the World Champions. After Cam Newton’s wild performance on Sunday, it’s not easy to brush off the possibility that the Panthers could put up a decent fight.

Here’s the thing: If you’re going to put up 400 plus yards and still not win, you have a weak spot. You don’t want your defense to be your weak spot when facing the Packers.

The Fans

Chicago Bears fans are bitter. After my trip to Soldier Field last weekend, I found that out real quick. The Minnesota Vikings fans have McNabb and his grand start (39 yards) to hang their hat on. Fans from both teams have made it very clear that the Super Bowl hangover will get to the Cheeseheads.

After week 1, I’m going to say it was the Steelers hogging the keg during the Super Bowl last February. Their sad performance against the Baltimore Ravens screams Gatorade and crackers while lying miserably on the couch all day trying to figure out where you went wrong.

While Green Bay wasn’t perfect in their season opener, a couple of ibuprofen and a glass of ice water ought to bring that defense up to its dominant status it rightfully earned last year.

The Analysts

I only have one thing to say to Skip Bayless’s tweet. If the Saints would have played better, maybe they would have won.

Don’t take my post out of context. I’m not here to claim that the Packers will go undefeated to win the Super Bowl. I know they will lose at some point in the season. It happens.

However, you can’t tell me that the success from one year will bring down the success of the next year. Success does not bring you down. Injuries, new coaches, new players, stronger teams will affect the game. I believe we have one of the best teams in the league. If we can win a Super Bowl with many of our key starters out, imagine what we can do with them in action.

Our defense has looked better than it did at the season opener last week. As a first game of the year with an offseason that included more pointing fingers than learning plays, I am not worried about their success. H

Note to Bears and Vikings fans: We’re from Wisconsin. What’s a hangover?


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