It all started on September 30th, 2010 when I emailed Colleen about contributing to  Then Anita jumped on board, soon to be followed by Kelly. Somehow, somewhere the term ‘Wally’s Angels’ was coined, in homage to ‘Charlie’s Angels’. That original monikor then morphed into ‘Pocket Doppler Angels’ for these three great, smart women. Unlike Charlie though, we’re lucky enough to have more than just three Angels with the recent additions of Amanda & Lauren to the group.  Within the coming weeks, we’ll be having another new Angel joining us as well, someone you may be familiar with, she goes by the name of @PAIGER33 on Twitter.

Individually and combined this group that comprises the Pocket Doppler Angels is as knowledgeable about the Packers, football & sports as anyone I know, more so in a lot of cases, myself included. So today I’m very happy to announce a new feature, Ask An Angel.  This will be a mailbag type column which will run either monthly or bi-weekly, depending on submissions, where the Pocket Doppler Angels will answer your questions on the Packers, NFL or whatever else you want to throw at them.

So how do you submit a question?  Simply go to the Ask An Angel page here on and submit your question. We’re planning on our first edition of this new column the week after next so get your questions in to be included in the inaugural edition of Ask An Angel.


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