I’m making a special day-off edition of Brewers 250 to declare tomorrow’s Brewers/Reds game “must win.”

Ron Roenicke is the Brewers’ first year manager, having been plucked from Mike Scioscia’s fruitful coaching tree. Sometimes new managers are thrown into the fire with a rebuilding project while other times a manager gets to ease their way in with the luxury of a loaded lineup, like the current Brewers. Besides a few early season jitters, Roenicke has been able to coast into the experience while only facing a few minor blips. You learn to develop your style, you deal head-on with a vast range of problems, and you discover the mistakes you shouldn’t be making as a big league skipper.

We’ll get to know Roenicke’s true abilities as a coach during this next road trip. The Brewers have lost 9 of their last 15 games, which is an issue on its own. Combining that with the publication of player complains and attitudes provides a great opportunity for Roenicke to show the fans his true colors.

On this day off today, how will he deal with some of these public incidents behind closed doors? How will the players respond to the coaching staff and handle a playoff race that has been brought back to life by the Brewers’ recent struggles? A 10.5 game division lead is now at 5.5. This is textbook “fight or flight” response time.

The issues that are discussed in the clubhouse today, and how the team reacts to it tomorrow, could very well determine whether Ron Roenicke is coaching a Major League team 5 or 10 years from now.

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  • Chris

    I don’t see why this is an issue. I read just a few weeks ago that Brewers playoff spot was wrapped up…

  • http://www.milwaukeebriansports.com/ Brian

    If only it was that easy! No, I don’t see any issues making the playoffs. That gargantuan of a collapse is a bit too rare. But as October approaches, the thing to watch is how well this team responds to a bit of adversity.