This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is selections from Maxim’s Hometown Hotties 2011 Semi-Finalists .

AJ (Milwaukee, WI)

No late night heroics last night for the Brewers as normally solid Shaun Marcum gave up 5 & the offense couldn’t keep up, as the Brewers lost to the Rockies 6-2 .

The Brewers Bar says that recent comments by K-Rod & Fielder are non-stories .

Lombardi Avenue on how Mike Neal’s loss could be Jarius Wynn’s win .

ACME Packing Company asks How Can The Packers Miss Mike Neal When They Hardly Know Him?

Badger Blitz looks at a Badgers’ offensive line that is motivated to improve .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter with how Badgers’ TE  Jacob Pedersen takes a big leap .

Midwest Sports Fans’ Week Two Power Rankings .

What’s with the little Clone Trooper in wheel skates? Here’s A Photo Of Mr. Met Hanging Out With Some Stormtroopers, Boba Fett .

Well, we all know about Jen Sterger but here’s what the other original FSU Cowgirls are up to now .

Submitted without comment: Twitter Reacts To The News That Basketball Star Glen Rice Allegedly Banged Sarah Palin In 1987 .

A list of New Fall TV Shows so you can plan your week nights.

Funniest title I thought was ‘Hacking MySpace”, Dumb books this bankrupt bookstore can’t give away .

Good lord, even as cranky as I am right now I had to smile watching this video of a guy who rescured & is raising a baby humming bird .

Huh…I didn’t know there were Rugby WAGs, Hot Rugby WAGs .

A Glimmer of…Worry – When the Brewers lost the series against the Cardinals, I just figured it was one of those things & actually thought it may be good for the team from a humility standpoint.  When the Brewers lost to the Phillies, I justified that by the fact that the Phillies are just a very good team. With a split against the Rockies, with the one win coming in very indecisive fashion, there is a sliver of concern wedging its way into my previously rock solid belief in the Brewers.  Is this a team that peaked too early and is now on a downslide?  Or is it just a team that is going through a bad stretch and will recover when it matters most?  I’m hoping it’s the later but worried it’s the former.

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