Disclaimer: This post spawned from a conversation between me and  Annie about  the ‘Ask Vic’ column. Jayme wrote a great post in response -  so I took a different approach.

In recent weeks, the hardcore female Pack fanbase has taken a bit of a beating. It’s difficult to describe, as it went beyond just the “oh, you’re women, you don’t get football blah blah nonsense” that happens on a regular basis. The thing is, most of us that are diehard understand the game as well. We cheer loud, we get plays, we know stats and we can hang with the best of them on game day.

Sure, it’s easy to date that girl that knows zilch about football and act annoyed when she just doesn’t get it. But, what do you do when you’re dating one of the diehards?

Memorize them.

  1. Do not text or call during a game. Ever.  If it’s an emergency, it better be good. If it’s the Bears or Vikings, you better be dying on the side of the road. The only exception I’ve ever made for phone calls is my dad, and it was halftime and I could mute Joe Buck.
  2. Don’t talk down to us as if we don’t know what is going on with the game. I don’t just mean what a touchdown is – we know what a third down conversion is, a blitz and hey, even why our defense sucked it up during a game.
  3. Don’t tell us it’s “cute” that we are so into football. It’s cute that you’re walking out of my door too.
  4. If you buy a pink jersey for us during Christmas, we will probably laugh at you and make you wear it instead.
  5. Don’t always expect us to get the beer. I’m equal opportunity and will have a portable cooler next to the couch.
  6. If you are also a Packers fan, it is definitely ok to discuss play-by-play through text. Enjoy the fact that you can talk about football with her.
  7. Again, pink jersey. Just don’t do it, man. I’d bedazzle my Rodgers jersey before I got within 20 feet of one of those. (Disclaimer:  I have bedazzled before. Stop judging.)
  8. Don’t chest bump us during the game. It seriously hurts. High fives are appropriate.
  9. There will be yelling. It happens. Sometimes it even happens in different languages. You’ll get more points if you roll with it, or better yet, respect it.
  10. If pompous a-holes decide it’s ok to continue making fun of die-hard female Pack fans by calling them Bears and Vikes fans, it’s time to support. Don’t jump into the foray and think it’s funny.

What would you add?


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  • http://www.cheeseheadtv.com/eat_more_cheese Jayme Joers

    I love the first rule! my mom used to get so pissed when people would call during a play. I swear sometimes she would just answer the phone, “why are you calling now?” and hang up!

    • http://www.laurenafernandez.com Lauren

      I am SO like your mom. I get annoyed if its anyone but my pre-approved list. There are not any non-Pack fans on that list, haha!

  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com Amanda

    The Pink jerseys make me want to vomit. Ok, I have a confession: I am a “chest bumper”. And you should be prepared to handle my momentum. Ask my friends.

  • Mark

    I’ve stated many times on my twitter that the only girls that matter to me are packer fans :) also what about these Amanda http://packersproshop.com/products/jerseys/womens_jersey/sku_5503023022/f__listing__jerseys_womens_jersey__1_relevance_4/e5d1ed9e4c9b20bc/? Heck if my girlfriend was a packer fan I’d watch the game with her.

  • Mark

    for #5 is a fridge ok too?

  • Anita

    “Do not text or call during a game. Ever”

    THANK YOU. I’ve even answered the phone with the words, “You do know that the Packers are on, don’t you?” No hello. Just that. I will accept texts from my BFFs in Wisconsin during the game, but they’re usually “WHAT THE F&%$ WAS THAT?” or “YOU’RE F^&%$%^ KIDDING ME?”

    And NO….pink jerseys are NOT acceptable. They may be cute for others and I will not say a word if you have one, but they are NOT my cup o’tea. Not a fan of pink, period. I am an adult.

    Chest bumps? Ummm. No, just no. The twins do not care for them. I will accept a high five, double high five, fist bump, clink of the beer bottle, or a hug if it’s a really special occasion, like the Super Bowl.

    • http://www.laurenafernandez.com Lauren

      Can I just say ditto to all of your comments? :) Because it was spot on.