The Milwaukee Brewers did it in electrifying fashion tonight, beating the Colorado Rockies 2-1 in 11 innings.

Ryan Braun was the big hero of the game, snapping a hitless streak by belting a walk off home run to send everyone home. He had been part of a mostly fruitless offense all day.

Rickie Weeks made his first start since returning from an ankle injury, yet his presence didn’t provide quite the offensive spark the team was hoping. His only hit of the came before a very close play at home plate. He was called out, but I’ll allow you to watch it and decide. His day was limited to 6 innings.

Zack Greinke was as uncomfortable as you could imagine at the start. The defense behind him of course did nothing to fix that. Give him credit for surviving with the pitching line he had. His day was 5 long innings, striking out 9 but also allowing 5 hits and the one run. Greinke has seemed a bit edgy during his last few starts and needs to get back into the normal groove he had dug himself.

John Axford dominated the top of the 9th in such rapid fashion that he was send out for another inning for the first time since late last year. Kameron Loe pitched the top half of the 11th and Braun ended it all in the bottom half.

Shaun Marcum wraps up the abbreviated 2-game series tomorrow night.

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