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We got what we wanted, an exciting Packers win to start off the season & what better way to start today off with Brian’s Chips Report from the 42-34 victory .

Jersey Al shares his First Impressions from the Packers/Saints game .

Packer Geeks has their initial game thoughts as well .

Unfortunately, the Brewer’s didn’ fare as well losing to the Phillies 7-2 in the series opener .

The Brewers Bar says Chris Narveson’s start last night was Deja Vu All Over Again .

From B5Q, Badger’s head coach Bret Bielema not worried about Badgers’ mindset .

Badger of Honor with Better Off Red: Winning with Accountability .

Last one is the best, Suggested College GameDay Signs of the Week: Notre Dame vs. Michigan .

This seems about right to me, How Accurate Is The ‘Dudes Of America, By Region’ Venn Diagram?

Beautiful everyone…well, not actually but just good to have football back in general, 11 Brilliant and Ridiculous NFL Team Tribute Songs.

These sound familiar, What The Person Interviewing You For A Job Says And What They Actually Mean .

There is no such thing as a dumb fried food… The dumbest fried foods (and the cities that love ‘em) .

I’m a big nerd and thought this was cool, hopefully there are other nerds out there reading as well, The Full Game of Thrones Family Crest Line-Up .

Glad someone took this task on, 13 Hot NFL Cheerleaders To Watch In 2011 .

What Rust? – Those much more knowledgeable than me can break down the X’s & O’s from last night’s Packers victory over the Saints, as a fan though overall you have to be pretty happy with last night’s game. Yes there were some mishaps & miscues but the highlights more than overshadow those.  The Saints also aren’t a pushover opponent in any way either so all in all this is a great start to a season that has some very high expectations.   I’m just going to ignore what happened last night in the Brewers game & spend the remainder of today of basking in the glow of a Victory Friday.

That’s all I have for this week, oh gentle readers.  Have a tremendous weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday morning.

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  • Anita

    Yup. We’re so irrelevant that Good Morning America put our QB change on the morning news crawl on Tuesday, and fans for all other teams feel the need to tell us we’re irrelevant, as if trying to convince themselves of it! GO IRISH! :)

    Q. What’s maize and blue and has two teeth?
    A. The front row of the Big House!

    Disclaimer: I live in Michigan. You have no idea how close to being true that joke really is….