Hold up your glass for a toast Milwaukee. You won’t see the St. Louis Cardinals again in 2011.

The Cardinals took the game tonight 2-0, and has won 5 of the last 6 against Milwaukee. Was that the big story today? Perhaps the two ejections by the Brewers?

No, the big story is that the series is over, and the 18th game couldn’t have come at a better time. With today’s result, the two tie 9-9. That’s just a consolation prize for St. Louis, who is still fighting uphill through an avalanche to get back into the playoff race. The Brewers and the Cardinals have never been terribly friendly, but this year got downright nasty with too many side stories: stadium tampering issues, bean-ball wars, and such. Casey McGehee and Nyjer Morgan got the ejections, McGehee for arguing strikes and Morgan for insulting the sacred name of St. Louis. In truth, he was lipping-off to Cardinals’ starter Chris Carpenter and the umps saw Morgan as the clear instigator.

Morgan ended up being the most productive player for the Crew, the only guy in the lineup to even sniff scoring position. This funk comes and goes with them, and it’s good they are dealing with it now instead of October. They got a decent day from Zack Greinke, who wasn’t at his best but still generally excels when he’s only average.

Now some of the real fun begins. The MLB-leading Philadelphia Phillies come to town for a 4-game set. Milwaukee took 2 of 3 on the road earlier this year, but that certainly didn’t derail Philly’s momentum. While the Crew has an outside chance at catching up in the standings, for now watch how they stack up against a true powerhouse. Chris Narveson kicks off the series tomorrow night.

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