BigSnakeMan called it – I had my first WTF Teddy Boy (TT) moment over the weekend and had to write about it.

The Chiefs game should have made any Pack fan cringe at the lack of depth at our offensive line. On Saturday, TT released Nick McDonald, who surprisingly played well last year. He also traded sixth-round pick Caleb Schlauderaff to the Jets. McDonald botched a shotgun snap during the Chiefs game, which led to a safety, and had a false start in an earlier game.

When the 53 man roster was announced, I fully expected 9-10 linemen on the list. With five starters and three back-ups, that gives us eight offensive linemen and a heck of a bunch of TEs. TT didn’t have a lot of options or more of a choice with this, so much of the blame can be placed on players not living up to expectations or last season play.

The five starters are Chad Clifton, T.J. Lang, Scott Wells, Josh Sitton and Bryan Bulaga. The three back-ups are Derek Sherrod, Marshall Newhouse and Evan Dietrich-Smith. Oh, yes, Million Dollar Baby made the roster. The concern at back-up right now is that Dietrich-Smith is the lone backup at three inside positions.

First round draft pick Sherrod has struggled thoughout pre-season and Chris Campbell has been injured for most of training camp.

Sherrod concerns me across the pocket and in blitzing situations. Did you see him against Hali ? It makes me want to nickname him flat-footed Sherry.  Granted, it was Flynn at QB and he didn’t read the play well, but come on. With Clifton regularly missing 2-3 games a season, we should see Sherrod get some game time in the bear future.

The Pack are more than likely to at least sign another receiver to the practice squad, but it wouldn’t be of shock value to see someone signed to the active roster at some point during the season. They are eligible to sign any veteran with four or more years of experience, or can go the waiver route and try for a younger player.

For the love, let’s hope this is an evil genius move. Time to watch the offensive guard position to see if Teddy Boy does anything.


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  • BigSnakeMan

    To be fair, you kind of ‘telegraphed it’….

    I share your concerns on the offensive line. On the other hand, it doesn’t pay to keep numbers if they can’t play. I suspect the pro personnel dept. will be keeping an especially close eye on veteran free agents at that position. They came up with a serviceable player in Green last year for the defensive front. Maybe they can work the same magic this season for the O-line.