The Milwaukee Brewers fell 4-2 to the St. Louis Cardinals tonight in an uninspired effort by the visiting team.

Yovani Gallardo had his second straight loss to the division rivals in as many starts. On the season he is 1-3 vs. St. Louis with an ERA of 5.70, which is part of an even worse history against the team. He just hasn’t had his location and has given up 6 home runs alone in the last week to St. Louis. It appears as just a blip on his record, a solid 3.02 ERA and 10.1 WHIP in his last 10 games. It’s not quite the best time to hit a tough stretch, but Gallardo tends to get over his road bumps rather quickly.

The offense hasn’t always been helpful for Gallardo. Most of the team’s low scoring affairs since the All-Star break have come with Gallardo on the mound. Certainly a rough coincidence, but they looked the part tonight. The middle chunk of the lineup went 2-19 with the first hit being a pinch hit in the 8th by Taylor Green who scored on a double by Jonathan Lucroy. The Crew put two guys on base in the top of the 9th down 4-1 but only scored it’s final run on a single from Prince Fielder. Casey McGehee ended it on a double play and Ryan Braun finished with an 0-4 day, both missing a chance to take the lead at the end.

It shouldn’t matter too much with the division standings, the Brewers still up 9.5 games. And should the Brewers be concerned about Gallardo? Probably not. Whatever is in his head when he plays this team will be gone after tomorrow. Zack Greinke will go for the chance to win the season series, currently in favor of Milwaukee at 9-8.

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