Two days. That’s all I have to wait before the kickoff to the 2011 NFL season. I have my Rodgers jersey out, my game day menu planned and my game company invited. Side note: For some reason I am watching with two bitter Bears fans. Obviously, my options are limited here in Iowa.

As we get into the season, I have decided I want to add to my small jersey collection. Yes, I only have a Rodgers jersey. Since Miss @Cubanalaf and I are heading up to Lambeau for the #Throwback Weekend extravaganza, I need to purchase a throwback jersey. I am set on ordering a Charles Woodson jersey for the game against the St. Louis Rams.

I know the #12 I have worn so many times really looks nice with my skin tone, but sometimes you need to spice things up in your wardrobe. And that’s exactly why I want to add another jersey to the collection.

Here’s what I’m thinking.


1. Jermichael Finley, TE
2. Donald Driver, WR
3. John Kuhn, FB
4. James Starks, RB


1. Clay Matthews, LB
2. BJ Raji, NT

I am really lost at which jersey I should pick. I am expecting great things from both Finley and Starks this year and know that their jersey is worth the investment. Driver is a classic, and I’m a little ashamed that I don’t already own his jersey. As for Kuhn, who wouldn’t want to wear his jersey around just to hear fans yell “Kuuuuuhhhhhnnnn” every time you pass by?

Clay Matthews won me over with his defensive aggression. What could be sexier than Ben Roethlisberger getting sacked and long golden wavy locks flying through the wind? And I would love to wear the Raji jersey just to do the famous “BJ Raji Dance” whenever I feel the need.

You can see that this is quite the dilemma. Other football teams must have it so easy.

Ok Packer fans, I need your help! Who’s number should I be wearing this season?


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  • Packerken

    Where’s Mason Crosby? But seriously, out of those you listed, I’d say Raji or Kuhn. Don’t see enough of those jerseys around.

    • Amanda

      Very true! We don’t see a lot of Raji or Kuhn jerseys. Wonder if that will change after last season…

  • packerfanpepe

    Definitely needs to be a Chad Clifton jersey! #76!

  • Lauren Fernandez

    Unless you want us to match, do not go with Matthews. xoxox

    • Lauren

      Also, if you go with Kuhn, I will be the one going KUUUUHHHHNNNNN in your face. 24/7.

      My vote is for Finley!

      • Amanda

        I like us best working as a team. So Matthews out. I do like the Finley jersey!

  • Anita

    In the meantime, we get a lovely appetizer tonight in the form of America’s Game: Super Bowl XLV on the NFL Network. Oh yes…I will be watching…and DVR-ing.

    I’m torn. It’s time to purchase a white road jersey. Clay or Tramon? We have Rodgers, Jennings and Woodson. Rodgers is mine, and Jennings and Woodson actually belong to my son, but I steal his occasionally, even though they’re two sizes too big.

    • Amanda

      Nice Anita! Ooo I never even thought about whether I want a road jersey or stick with the green. I’ll probably stick with the green. :S Oh decisions decisions!

      • Anita

        I like a little variety. I almost bought a throwback last year, but figured they’d only wear them once, and I’d be wasting money. If it’s going to be a yearly thing with the throwbacks, I may pull the trigger!

  • Colleen

    I bought my first jersey last year. It was Double D. You just can’t go wrong. Lifetime Packers, sweet man, good player.

    • Amanda

      The more and more I think about it, I feel like I might need to purchase two Green and Gold jerseys.

  • DirectingTitan

    ZOMBOOOOOO. Just because I like to say it.

    • Amanda

      It has a nice ring to it!

  • Ceallaigh

    I alternate between two jerseys:

    #12 Away. What, I can still wear a white jersey to a home game. And I don’t care if it is white and it’s after labor day.

    Also kick it old school (though utter fail, Pack, for not having a customizable Throwback jersey because it would be appropriate in this setting.) #36 for Iron Mike Michalske who played in the 30′s and was my neighbor as a kid.

  • Mark

    What about Jordy Nelson?

  • Anita

    One of my besties bought a Jets Favre jersey after Voldemort jumped ship. The next year, I told her if she bought a Viking #4 jersey, I was defriending her her for life. She didn’t. I do give her a pass on the Jets jersey. Her boyfriend is from Jersey and he bought it for her. Besides, she has Matthews, Hawk, and Nelson hanging in her closet, too.