Ouch.  Yuni took the collar this week with an 0 x 19 performance.  You have to at least admire his consistency.  For the week he also managed to not walk, not score a run, or drive in an RBI.  His roller coaster season continues to spiral downward with a season slash line of .249/.267/.371/.638.  Basically, the Brewers continued to win while having their Yuni tied behind their back.  I struggle to see what advantage Ron Roenicke envisions when he pencils in his name into the lineup on a nightly basis.

In fact, Yuni has been bad for a few weeks now.  In the month of August, he has managed to collect 113 plate appearances, yet has only walked three times.  His August slash line is an unsightly .229/.248/.367/.615.  If Yuni is not hitting, he is essentially worthless to an offense that is void of talent after Prince in the order.  Once again, if he was a superior defensive player, or managed to draw a fair amount of walks, there would be no cause for concern because he would be contributing in different ways.  Unfortunately, Yuni does not help the team defensively in any way, shape, or form.  The month of August will go down as arguably one of the greatest months in Milwaukee Brewers history.  Unfortunately for Yuni, it may go down as the month that sunk his season, particularly if he hasn’t learned to bunt after being with Roenicke for six months.

In Case You Missed It- Part 1

As I returned from the game Friday night, word began to break on Twitter that Taylor Green was FINALLY being called up from Nashville.  This move was certainly confusing and I had mixed emotions.  I feel that this is the absolute worst time to bring up a guy from AAA to learn on the job, or worse yet, sit on the bench and cool down.  Taylor was having a very nice season, and he appears as if he could contribute if needed.  I would hate to see the young man’s confidence crushed as he sits on the bench and gets an occasional at bat.

While Green’s .334/.413/.575 is nicely paired with 21 homers and 85 RBIs, I still have reservations because of Mat Gamel.  Gamel has spent several seasons dominating AA and AAA , yet he can’t seem to put it together in the big leagues.  Whenever I think of minor league potential I think of the 2008 Huntsville Stars.  They were loaded with prospects such as LaPorta, Brantley, Escobar, Gamel, Salome, and Gillespie.  In fact, they were the envy of baseball and helped Jack Zduriencik win an award as Minor League Executive of the Year at the end of 2007.  However,  how much of an impact has any of these minor league studs made on a major league level?  Arguably, Brantley is the best out of the entire group, and he isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire .

Despite my skepticism, I was still a bit optimistic.  That is because Green has been working defensively at second and third base for much of the season in Nashville.  Thus, as the weekend began to carry on, I was still unable to make heads or tails of the situation with Green.  Then Noah at BrewCrewBall wrote a very informative piece about the real reasons behind the auspicious timing of this particular call up.   It seems the entire reason Green was called up had to do with postseason roster configurations.  Here is the line to remember about what Noah says:

“Postseason roster rules dictate that a returning position player must take the place of a position player who was on the roster by September 1.  Thus, it’s likely Green was added just to serve as the player to be dropped from the roster for Rickie.”

I personally think all of these rosters move technicalities are a bunch of BS, but I suppose they are probably put in place to begin with to prevent the evil Yankees from cheating.  Once I read this piece it made a great deal of sense.  It seems it wouldn’t hurt to bring up Green for an early cup of coffee with the big club.  With the roster expansions coming on September 1 st , there could a few new faces in Milwaukee for the stretch run.  I look forward to seeing if Green is one of them, and if he can produce while McGehee rests his sore knees down the stretch.


In Case You Missed It- Part 2

There were quite a few publications that did stories on the Brewers this week.  Yet, it’s not even September and I’m already sick of stories on Plush that don’t reveal anything new.  It seems as if there is a certain formula that must be adhered to in order to write a story about Nyjer Morgan:

1)      Introduce Tony Plush

2)      Talk about playing hockey in Canada

3)      Discuss being a perceived bad guy in Pittsburgh and Washington

4)      Have everyone agree that winning allows teammates to ignore his crazy antics

Am I missing anything?

Elsewhere, I read two good articles from a national perspective this week on the unique rags to riches story of John Axford.  SI had a well written piece on the Axford journey and details his climb from an out of work bartending pitcher to a lights out closer.  The second article I really enjoyed was from a New Jersey baseball blog called 11 th and Washington .  They also detail Axford’s rise and shed a little more light on his high school and Notre Dame years.   Both articles are great examples of revealing information I didn’t know and I’m sure many of you didn’t either.

Finally, The Sporting News had an article about Runnin’ Ron Roenicke recently and it was enjoyable from the aspect that wily Doug Melvin was right again.  Has anyone had a better off season in recent memory?  The article points to newly arrived Jerry Hairston’s veteran opinion as evidence of a fun loving clubhouse being led by a likeable Roenicke.  The Brewers have potential to turn into the media darlings of the 2011 playoffs with their endless supply of personalities and good guys.  I look forward to soaking in every heard earned moment of it as a long suffering fan of Brewers baseball.


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