Sing, sister, sing
Let your voice be heard
What won’t kill you
Will make you strong
Sing, sister, sing
–Annie Lennox


* Warning, I use an offensive phrase below. I don’t condone it, but it’s out there…


Maybe I’m spoiled around here. I’ve never been treated any differently as a blogger because I am a woman.  Then again, Pocket Doppler has one of the highest percentages of female bloggers in all of the Packersverse. And you know what? Anita , Colleen , Lauren and I aren’t gobsmacked teeny boppers that giggle and devote posts to the hotness of a player. We know football and think we can hold our ground with our male counterparts. The same can be said about Jayme at CHTV/Eat More Cheese and Melinda at Lombardi Avenue. We have thinky thoughts and we regularly share them with the blogosphere.

Sure, we were quickly tagged Wally’s Angels. It started off as an inside joke when there were three of us. But I’m pretty sure none of the guys here at PD treat us any differently or as second class bloggers. It’s a title that was never meant to wound or harm.

But getting called a Ho? Yeah that crosses the line. No, it didn’t happen to me. But everyone by now has seen the infamous tweet lobbed at the writing crew at CHTV. Sure the post slammed everyone over there, but the Ho reference stood out. As a female, being called a Ho reduces you to a handful of body parts. Why not just cut to the chase and just call one of us a cunt. The sentiment is pretty much the same. It’s an unspoken message that you aren’t good enough to run with the big boys . It’s the equivalent of being told to go back into kitchen and make a sandwich because you don’t deserve to be in the living room watching the game.

I don’t think anyone here needs a definition for Ho, but one thing is certain, calling a woman a Ho sure as hell isn’t legendary. Let’s not beat around the bush and call it what it is: misogyny, plain and simple.

If you think for one minute I’m going to pull the gender card for sympathy or favor, you have another thing coming. I’m old enough, that when I was in high school there was no such thing as girl’s varsity soccer. For that matter, there was no such thing as girl’s high school soccer. So I earned a letter in boy’s soccer. And let me tell you, I didn’t expect any special treatment for being a girl. Took jabs for having boobs and withstood the occasional cheap shot. But you know what? At the end of the day I earned a spot on the team and the letter with my abilities.

And when it comes to blogging about sports, I expect the same. No better, no worse. I am blogger, my gender is secondary. But I take exception when some small, shallow person tries to strip that away and reduce me to crude little bits. I, like Jayme, Colleen, Anita, Lauren and Melinda, am more than a sum of my gynecological parts. We know the difference between a nickel and dime defensive package. We appreciate the finer art of the 3-4. We can argue until we’re blue in the face why the Wildcat is an overhyped and outdated leftover from college ball. We are mothers, professionals, wives and daughters. We are a part of the Packer Nation. We know a hell of a lot about football and love to write about it. I refuse to accept that there is some invisible glass ceiling in the blogosphere that still needs to be shattered. And to anyone who wants to call any of us a ho (or anything worse) I want them to know that we don’t have time to be bullied. We will not go quietly.

While I’m at, go get your own damn sandwich. I’m kind of busy watching the game.


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  • John Rehor

    This is excellent. Just a brutally honest perspective on the events which caused the post to be written as well as saying what the offender was possibly/probably thinking. A tip of the cap is indeed in order.

    Well done indeed.

  • Anita

    WOW….the Holy Mother of Swear Words. The one that even I, who swears like a drunken sailor at times, cannot bring myself to saw louder than a whisper. Right on.

    And, dude, while you’re making your own damn sandwich, make sure you clean up after yourself. I’m not your damned maid, either.

  • foundinidaho


  • Melinda

    Preach Sister! And thank you to ALL of the men that read our writing without judging us for being female. They know WE know football!

  • BigSnakeMan

    Your response was was much better presented than what that opposing point of view merited.

    As for 2nd class bloggers, you need not worry. Here at PD, I’ve got that market cornered. ;)

  • Ma

    *gives standing ovation* well done keep on preachin Kelly!

    • Mark

      goddammit i suck *walks away in shame yes i suck for not spelling my name right

  • Mark

    On a unrelated note does this make the packers blogosphere NATO?

  • Kay

    Is that the same guy who’s been plagiarizing articles? If so, he shouldn’t talk.

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