This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is 2011 Packers Opponents’ Cheerleaders.

St. Louis Rams

A lot of talk yesterday about the expansion of Lambeau Feild & the possibility of another stock sale .

Jaymes spent the Brewers’ off day with thoughts on how 2011 is a lost season for Mark Rogers & Manny Parra .

Bernie’s Crew on Managing Expectations: Nyjer Morgan .

All Green Bay Packers with Packers vs. Colts: Things to Watch in Preseason Week 3 .

Max is wondering Will The Packers Wait For Frank Zombo?

On why this is a Big month for Badger basketball recruiting .

The continuance of The Anonymous Eagle MUBB Primer .

For those of your with Fantasy Football drafts still coming up, Fantasy Football 2011 Preview: Defense .

The real reason the Cardinals are in 2nd place in the NL Central: To Break The Monotony Of Playing 1B, Albert Pujols Tries Sandpainting .

Feeling a little doughy guys?  Here you go, 7 ways to lose weight like a man .

After looking through these I’m glad I have boys, Nine Songs You Wouldn’t Want Dedicated To Your Daughter .

There are actually reasons it’s OK? Why It’s Okay To Be A Hipster .

I love my dogs so I would never subject them to any of this lunacy… 6 Great Products For Making Your Pet Hate You .

Belated Happy Birthday Rachel Bilson .

It’s Almost Like The Real Thing  - Tonight is the 3rd Packers Preseason game which historically means it’s the most you’re going to see the starters play until the season actually starts.  It also means we’re almost once it’s over, we’ll be officially over the preseason ‘hump’ with only one more game to play before the real action starts.  I’ll admit though, once the first half is over I more likely than not will switch over to the Brewers game with the rest of the evening divided between the two sports.  In my book though, that’s a pretty good way to spend a Friday night.

Thanks to all for spending some time here this week, have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday morning.

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