Let’s get this out of the way first: WTF was up with the fight between Marshall Newhouse and Nick McDonald at Tuesday practice? Fights aren’t unordinary for the NFL, especially in practice, pre-season or games, but at the same position? Come on, guys. 

2nd round pick Randall Cobb (Kentucky) looks like he is questionable for the season opener Sept. 8 vs. the Saints at Lambeau. Cobb apparently suffered contisuions on both knees during the Cardinals game last Friday.

This type of injury is a major reason that teams like the Packers build depth at the receiver/kick return position. At this point, Alex Green can return kickoffs , and Jordy Nelson can return punts. Pack Nation is chomping at the bit to see this kid play in regular season, but it’s really no sweat off TT’s back at the receiver position. That depth will allow Cobb to heal and learn a bit more before playing.

The Pack use the Big Five play on the receiver side, which emphasize the Pack’s pass-heavy offense and ability to move the ball.

The Big Five is a five-receiver set where five wide receivers line up – a clear indication that the Packers are running a pass play. The Big Five (all five receivers split wide), used since McCarthy came on in 2007, now utilizes WRs Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones, Jordy Nelson and Brett Swain. The Big Five formation does not use a huddle.

Is Cobb worth the wait? We’ll see. What do you think?

Cobb’s junior year was his final before entering the draft a year early. He caught 84 passes for 1,017 yards and seven touchdowns, with 2,396 all-purpose yards (with returns), a Southeastern Conference single-season record. Cobb averaged 9.8 yards per punt return, 24.6 yards per kickoff return and 11.5 yards per reception last season. ( via SEC website )


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