If you were expecting a repeat , you were a bit off.

The Milwaukee Brewers fell in the second game of the double header 9-2 to the Pittsburgh Pirates, suffering their first loss to the team this season in 10 matches.

A mainly-backup lineup dismantled the Pirates earlier in the afternoon, but once the usual suspects came out everything vanished for the Crew. The Brewers put up two runs in the first, a Corey Hart lead off home run and a Prince Fielder RBI, but they were lost after that, picking up only 2 hits the rest of the way.

Any energy from the prior game was gone, and the team looked a little too jacked up after the early win. Their clubhouse demeanor seems strong enough to weather most hype, but nobody is perfect. Is there such thing as too much confidence? They were completely uninspired in this one and are going to put this one behind them quickly.

Zack Greinke was allowed to last into the 7th inning, giving up 7 runs and getting roughed up late. Frankie De La Cruz got kicked around a bit in relief to put the final scores on the board. Between both games, the Crew didn’t really have a great pitching day, though it shouldn’t cause too much concern.

It’s easy to argue that they have been due for a game like this. A lot of luck has swung their way in the last few weeks, and the team can certainly use an opportunity to slow down and refocus their game. They’ll get a chance to bounce back tomorrow as Marco Estrada continues his fill-in spot in the starting rotation.

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