This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is 2011 Packers Opponents’ Cheerleaders.

Minnesota Vikings

I think this recap title by Brew Crew Ball about last night’s doubleheader sums it up: Brewers Win The Game You’d Expect Them To Lose, Lose The One You’d Expect Them To Win In Doubleheader Split .

Trenni examines where this is a just a hot stretch for the Brewers or if they are just a good team .

The Bucky Channel is really enjoying the Brewers this year .

Aaron over at CHTV is taking A Look At The Packers Eagle & Okie Alignments .

I’m not surprised here, T.J. Lang: Packers Starting Left Guard .

Badger Blitz on Badger sophomore Jeff Duckworth vying for more playing time .

Some Bucks tidbits here from, Brandon Jennings comes up short against Kevin Durant in Drew / Goodman League showdown .

This should help… Cubs To Change Culture Of Losing By Giving Prospects Book About Culture Of Losing .

Could’ve used this yesterday when I took the boys to Packers Practice, 6 Essential Tips for Taking Small Children to Sporting Events: An ‘Away From the Action’ Guide for Moms and Dads .

I’m gonna use Supererogate as much as I can, 11 Words That Are Disappearing From The English Language This Year .

Choir boys all of them, Legendary Athletes Who Were Legendarily Boring to Watch .

Sacrificed for artistic purposes of course, 10 dumbest word pronunciations in music.

The best moments from How I Met Your Mother , two words: Robin Sparkles.

Say hello to Sandra Brec .

Not Going to Win Them All  - No matter how much you may ‘own’ another team in baseball, there’s just no way you’re going to beat them every time, which is what happened last night as the Brewers split with the Pirates.  First game was semi-evan until the ‘Crew broke it open in the late innings and that’s what happened in the second game as well but it was the Pirates that broke it open, 7 runs off of Zach Greinke & Frankie De La Cruz.  Even with the split & the Cardinals loss the Brewers picked up a half game on St. Louis, making the lead 9 in the NL Central which by any account is looking pretty good right now.

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