After watching a bit of the first preseason game, and most of the one last night, I’m forming a few opinions.

Observations for this year so far:

  • Very weird to see Daryn Colledge in red and white. That will go away with time, I’m sure, but what an odd feeling. Felt really weird sitting in my jersey with his signature on it. (Oh, by the way, sir, thanks for the referral to Chives. I’m going to check it out.)
  • The Packers seem to be missing said Cardinal in the offensive line right now. I believe that, too, will go away with time, but I missed him and QB1 and Matty might have too. A few sacks is a few too many.
  • I can’t believe Sherrod was a first round draft pick. TJ Lang is kicking his ass. Maybe I was spoiled by Bulaga, who had his own difficulties but seemed to be more solid as a rookie even fairly early on. Just my opinion. But if I was going to have a jersey for an offensive lineman on sale in the Packers Pro Shop, it would be Sitton’s. Or Clifton’s. (I know, first round draft pick. Still.)
  • CJ Wilson getting hurt made my heart go in my throat. As Jayme noted, it was almost a relief to hear he was being evaluated for a concussion. Then, like her, I felt awful for being relieved. Couldn’t win either way, I guess.
  • Seeing Chastin West do the Lambeau Leap and get cheered by his teammates so enthusiastically made my heart warm and mushy.
  • I think Corey Behnke’s right – there was a younger crowd in Lambeau last night than usual. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a loud “Go Pack Go.”
  • I’m apparently not the only one annoyed by Vic Ketchman, from what I read in the CheeseheadTV live blog. I went over to to take a look at last night’s festivities, which didn’t look anywhere as interesting as CHTV’s. I loved Vic’s comment on the live blog that “I don’t have the least disappointment in what I’ve seen of Derek Sherrod.” (see my opinion above, Vic. I’m not the only one who feels that way, either.)
  • That young lady they had in the booth talking about the Packers Everywhere site needs some serious on air training. She was as uncomfortable as I would have been. Not good.Which is sad, because the site itself is a great idea.
  • Unlike “this guy” , I’m not seeing any gloom and doom in my timeline regarding the offense, or generally speaking, in the play altogether. Not seeing it in the comments so far either. There are patches of inconsistency, sure. Guys are trying to make the team, they have to play the starters enough to keep improving them, lesser players more to see if they start the team. Yes, there are people who probably will not make the team (see Ricky Elmore). Yes, I know Nagler’s got more followers than me (duh) and maybe there’s a bunch of nervous nellies in the bunch. But I’m not hearing any panic about the offense at all. Only concern about injuries. Long story long, I agree with Aaron’s assessments, but don’t see the panic being expressed. To paraphrase a famous political quote, “It’s the preseason, stupid.”
  • On a completely non Packers related note, Colin Kaepernick, while having a long way to go, looks more comfortable than I thought he would in an offense that is quite a bit different than the one he ran so well in college. Alex Smith’s death spiral should commence any game now, and I predict Kap will be starting for the 49ers by mid-season. Talk about needing an offensive line…even with my beloved Mike Iupati, any 49ers quarterback who can’t run like the wind is in big trouble. It will be interesting to see how Kap does tonight.
  • Last but not least, Phil Hanrahan’s “Life After Favre” is coming out in paperback . If you haven’t bought it already, do so now. If you have, like me, you’re buying it AGAIN because you just have to read the new afterword. I’m smiling just thinking about what it will say. Life After Favre indeed.

To tell you the truth I’m feeling pretty good about everything. Except Mike Neal’s knee.

Serenity (for) Now.

Go Pack Go.


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  • Anita

    We were spoiled by Bulaga. Usually, rookie offensive linemen are not starter ready and I wish the Packers didn’t try forcing the issue with Sherrod. NO WAY IN HELL should Lang not be starting. The health and well being of “the franchise” depends on it. If QB1 goes down because the coaching staff forced a rookie into the OL too soon, that poor kid will be persona non grata in Wisconsin for a long time.

    I miss Daryn Colledge. For all the shit he took from fans, he was steady and dependable, and he didn’t get hurt.

  • BigSnakeMan

    To be fair, I wouldn’t be too hard on Sherrod yet. The lack of offseason OTAs put him at a disadvantage in comparison to Bulaga and switching between guard and tackle probably isn’t helping, either. As my friend and colleague Chris suggested, early preseason is the time to look at different combinations and options. I fully expect that his future is at tackle and that he’ll be okay in time.

    Also, as a general rule, preseason crowds tend to skew a little younger than they do at regular season games.

  • foundinidaho

    Anita – thank you on both counts. I’ve done my share of bitching about Colledge but last year he was truly solid. Again, the Idaho thing aside I would miss him. It just wouldn’t be as personal.

    BSM – 1st round picks are so interesting. Bulaga – good, Sherrod – maybe later – CM3 – good – AR – awesome, but had to wait – AJ Hawk – well,not at first but finally. Tough for TT to call and I don’t envy him his task. But people bitched about Colledge all over the place when he jumped around positions. I understand his ax more and more these days.

    I expect you and the rest of of the PD crew to help outdo that loudness in October!

  • Elaine

    Agree about Colledge wholeheartedly. Miss his dependability in the line, even if I did do my share of yelling. With no offseason I don’t think Sherrod has time to properly solidify as the starter we need him to be. Protect QB1, dang it!!

    And Phil’s book is on my Amazon wishlist/birthday list–and I made it very clear I want the newest version!! Can’t wait to read it!