This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women of G4 (Past & Present)

Olivia Munn

Zack Greinke extended his home winning ways as the Brewers Shut Down Dodgers, Win 3-1 .

The Brewers Bar lauds Zack Greinke, saying his’s back .

We all held our breath when we heard about Mike Neal going down in non-contact drills, but Total Packers says Mike Neal Will Be Fine .

More from the Best Case/Worst Case series over at CHTV, this time on Quarterbacks .

The Packer Ranter fills some holes in Brian’s Best Case/Worst Case piece on the Packers Tight Ends: The Dominating Trees – Live at Stadium View 2011 .

Here’s hoping he stays that way this year, Chris Borland feeling great physcially .

While most of the Badger talk right now is about football, Bo Ryan isn’t just hanging out as the hoops team adds Showalter as walk-on .

Forgot to link to this yesterday, but it is solid gold, Bleacher Report’s Honest New Redesign .

Pretty sure most guys have experienced the “Friend Zone: at some point in their lives, Friend Zone Fiona Is Someone We All Know And Loathe .

The last one on this list is very true, because if you don’t know that you’re too dumb to be trustest: 10 Types Of People To Not Trust .

It’s science, so it must be true: Women Are Bad Drivers .

Lego stop-motion Millenium Falcon anyone?

I’m sure none of these apply to our gentle readers, 7 ways to know you watch too much porn .

Not sure who Emily Montague , but she’s the latest Esquire ‘Me In My Place’ participant and well worth the time.

I’m Sorry Zack – Zack, I have to say I’m sorry because earlier this season I for a time thought all the hullabaloo about you was just hot air.  Sure, I know you got hurt (playing basketball!?!) and missed some Spring Training and most of May, but you were supposed to be THE answer to everything wrong with the Brewers pitching staff.  It was rough at the beginning, let’s not sugar coat it, and I started to harbor doubts of a Packers Joe Johnson type scenario.  But you’ve proven me wrong and I should have just been a little more patient, so again Zach, I’m sorry for even thinking that you wouldn’t be a great pitcher for the Brewers. Do me and other Brewers’ fans a favor though please?  Don’t ever, ever play hoops again before Spring Training, thanks.

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