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Amber Heard

Here’s something at least I have never seen, there are two Wisconsinsites leading the PGA Championship after 1, Jerry Kelly & Steve Stricker.

Unfortunately the Brewers didn’t fare as well as Stricker & Kelly did yesterday, losing to the Cardinals 5-2 , but 2 out of 3 and a four game lead in the division is nothing to cry about.

Let’s hope none of these are anything to worry about: Raji, Shields and Green Injured During Practice .

ACME Packing Company on the retirement of Green Bay Running Back Ahman Green .

Well how about that, Quarterback power rankings: Aaron Rodgers debuts at No. 1 .

File this under foregone conclusion: Wilson shines as Budmayr suffers setback .

Like it wasn’t hard enough, Bracketology Just Got More Complicated .

I’m speechless over some of these, College Football’s 2011 All-Name Team .

Simply fantastic, Dad Returns From Tour In Afghanistan, Surprises Daughters At Minor League Game .

If you’re in the Boston area, Chad Ochocinco Is Looking For A Roomate .

Um, yeah… Nine Attempted Tributes that Went Horribly Wrong .

False, the best offense is offense: Schrute Facts Debunk Pointless Expressions .

Guess they should’ve stayed in the mansion, 15 Playboy models who’ve been in trouble with the law .

Moving sucks more than anything, 10 Dumbest Things About Moving .

Jessica Gomes looking…well, looking just swell.

Nice Way To Go Into The Weekend – As we led off with, seeing Steve Stricker & Jerry Kelly 1 & 2 on the leaderboard at the PGA Championship is pretty cool.  Both from Wisconsin, and Stricker a ‘friend of the show’…or at least the Edgerton contingent of the show, it’s great to see.  Yes there’s a lot of golf to play yet this weekend but if you’re just a casual fan of golf, here’s a reason to get interested in it this weekend and pull for both Kelly & Stricker to maintain their leads.

As for the Brewers, yeah a sweep of the Cardinals in St. Louis would have been nice but I don’t think anyone is complaining about leaving Busch Stadium for a 4 game lead in the Central. Coming up is a stretch against sub-par teams so it’s a very good chance to keep the pressure on as well as the winning ways.

Lastly, it’s pre-season but it’s still Packers football we get to watch this weekend & the Brewers game was moved to the afternoon so you can catch both!  In the immortal words of Frank the Tank “we’ve got a nice little Saturday planned”.  Here’s hoping you all have a stupendous weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday morning.

Featured Image Credit: Fred Vuich/SI

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  • Anita

    So, two Wisconsin golfers lead, the Brewers are in first place, and the Packers are the defending Super Bowl champions.

    There’s a NASCAR driver from Wisconsin, right? If I were in Vegas, I’d put money on him this weekend.

    Dear Bucks….you’re slacking.