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Kate Upton

Typing this never get’s old, the Brewers beat the Cardinals again, due in large part to the stellar performance of Randy Wolf .

BrewersMix on The Importance of Nyjer Morgan .

Good advice for all the kids out there, let your parents handle the scissors: Brewers call up Frankie de la Cruz to replace Narveson .

ACME Packing company is Looking At The Packers Depth At Tight End ,

Badger of Honor on Badger football recruit Vince Biegel .

Look’s like Michael Redd is finally done in Milwaukee, Woelfel: Redd heading to title contender .

And there’s this, Hope Solo Posed Nude Yesterday, Presumably for ESPN The Magazine.

And here you thought it was just about polar bears & time travel… Life Lessons From The TV Show LOST .

Some alternatives to Anne Hathaway as Catwoman .

For the single guys out there: How To Score A Girl By Following The Movies .

Title of this site being somewhat not SWF, the premise is sound and a terrifying trip down memory lane: F**k Yeah Ugly 90′s Clothes!

Good Grief! “Jaws” Retold As A Peanuts Comic Strip.

More reasons to be deathly afraid of the ocean, 17 Ocean Creatures More Terrifying Than Sharks .

Miranda Kerr is back at work, whew.

That’s Right, A Sweep in St. Louis is Possible – Going into this series I honestly was just hoping to take one game from the Cardinals. I figured after the series the week before in Miller Park the Cardinals would play tough looking for some payback & we all know the Brewers aren’t the same team on the road.  Well, don’t look now but the Brewers will be playing tonight for a chance to sweep the Cardinals tonight, after last night’s win AND in St. Louis.  I heard someone say yesterday that if the Brewers actually swept the Cardinals the NL Central race would be over.  I’m not going to go that far just yet as there’s just too much baseball left to play but should the Brewers sweep tonight it’ll definitely be a statement series for the year and also leading into the final portions of the schedule.

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