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The Brewers started a 3 game set with the Cardinals last night, a series which may dictate a lot in the NL Central Standings. The Brewers struck first, winning 5-3 in 10 innings .

In the ‘how the hell does that happen’ category: Narveson Needs Stitches; Will Miss Start .

My answer is ‘where you’d least expect it’, Where Do You Expect Charles Woodson To Line Up?

Early depth charts are meaningless for the most part, but they’re still fun to look at… Packers Depth Chart: The Interesting Parts .

The Packer Ranter is willing to fill out the crowd, Put Me At the Kids’ Table – I Don’t Care .

Nice piece on Badgers’ RB Montee Ball .

Better start brushing up on your German if you want keep up with Leuer, Jarmusz & Nankivil, The 2010-2011 Badger frontcourt is going to Germany .

Seeing as this is featuring John Axford, How Dirty Closers Get Clean .

I think these are actually all real… Realistic Stadium Bathroom Rules .

Some advice on Planning a Fantasy Football Draft Party .

RISK should be number one here, 11 Board Games Most Likely to Spark Actual Fights.

“Missing Dog, his name is Eric & he’s an idiot. That’s probabaly why he’s missing.”… The 20 Awesomest Missing Posters .

I’ve done two of these 10 Outrageous Adventures You Have To Try Before You Die , still have time through.

Staying in the former Eastern Bloc, Czech model Petra Cubonova .

Keep The Heat On -  I think most people looking at the this Brewers/Cardinals series would be happy with a win for the Brewers out of it, preserving the lead in the NL Central. With last night’s win the ‘Crew has opened up a 4 game lead over the red birds & now that the first game is under the belt I can see the Brewers taking at least one more to pad the lead more. Of course you still have to play the games any anything can happen so we’ll see how Randy Wolf & the rest of the team fares tonight fending off a comeback by the Cardinals.

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