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Brian looks back at yesterday’s sweep inducing Brewers win over the Astros .

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Looking at this years Badgers secondary .

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Defintely have some of these in our league, 8 types of people in your fantasy football league .

Should you actually have all this equipment laying around your hourse, here’s How To Make A Stormtrooper Helmet .

The ‘Water World’ one reminded me of every trip I’ve ever taken to Wisconsin Dells, Honest Amusement Park Maps .

Would of thought Labs would have been higher here, The Best Dog Breeds For Families .

How is this even legal? Check Out This 78 Square-Foot Manhattan Apartment .

More love from Poland, this time Kamila Mackowiak .

Appetizer’s Done, Bring on the Main Course – This weekend’s road sweep of the Astros is encouraging for the sole fact it was an actual on the road series win, something the Brewers haven’t been able to do with any regularity.  As nice it is, this was only a warm-up as starting tomorrow night is the main course & a series with the Cardinals in St. Louis.  Beyond the importance in the standings, this series should be pretty interesting based on what happened when the Cardinals were in Miller Park last week.  Safe to say I don’t think these two teams like each other very much & should be a good series purely on that dynamic and how it plays out.

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