This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women from Showtime’s Spartacus.

Marisa Ramirez starts our day off with a Brewers 2011 Playoff Prediction .

For your listening pleasure we have Bernie’s Crew Podcast, Episode Twenty-Three: “Professional Psychiatric Help” .

Some funny stuff here, Overheard in the Packers Locker Room Before Their First Practice…

Lombardi Ave hands out a Free Agency grade for the Packers .

Couldn’t agree with this more, Point of Veau: Packers’ Priority Should Be Sitton, Then Finley .

B5Q with a Wisconsin Training Camp Preview: What To Watch Out For .

Balls, Brats & Beer touches on a number of Wisconsin sports topics with Flipping the Bird .

Obligatory Shark Week Link: 9 Biggest Sharks Ever Caught .

I hate George Clooney, really… George Clooney ‘hooks up’ with Baltimore’s Stacy Keibler, Life & Style says .

These look like fun: 8 Sure Fire Ways To Piss Off Your Girlfriend Without Killing Your Whole Relationship .

The one in the sky, not the other kind… The Ten Biggest Moon Conspiracies (Not Incuding The Big One).

I don’t know why you would need this info, but it sounds really cool: How to Throw a Tomahawk Like a Mountain Man .

Yeah, I could see most of these being pretty fun guys to hang out with, 23 Actors We’d Like To Drink With .

Poland seems like a nice place to visit if everyone is similar to Angela Turkusowa .

It’s Unprecedented, Has To Be – When was the last time the following has happened?

  • The Brewers are leading the NL Central and seem to be getting things together at the right time.
  • The Packers are pretty much everyone’s favorite to not only go back to the Super Bowl, but win it again
  • The Badger Football team is ranked 10th in the first (preseason) coaches poll.
  • The Badger Basketball team is ranked 8th in the preseason poll.
  • In the same poll Marquette is ranked 13th.

Now, look at all that, it’s a bountiful feast for the eyes of any Wisconsin sports fan. I realize college preseason polls don’t mean much, but at least Wisconsin & Marquette are at least garnering some attention and are finally ranked in these preseason polls. As for the Brewers and Packers, fans were expecting and hoping for big things from both teams and while it’s too soon to say for the Packers the Brewers are starting to look like they may deliver. So sit back and enjoy, it should be a fun Fall & Winter coming up.

And with that happy note, I bid you all adieu for the week.  Have a great weekend & we’ll see you back here on Monday.

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