With victory comes notoriety.

With a world championship, All-Pro status, endearing personality, golden mane and the build of Thor, comes super-stardom. Clay Matthews appears to be there on the football field, but now he has joined the ranks of current and former Packer players who have achieved celebrity away from the gridiron as well. He’s a commercial star.

Brett Favre dropped by in  There’s something about Mary , Gilbert Brown mowed through microwaved-mystery-meat  the Gilbert Burger  for Burger King, Aaron Rodgers apparently — I said apparently – has a few ESPN personalities looking for more than just an interview , and now Mr. Matthews is all over TV  like it’s Kevin Kolb . But in a good way.

For those (like me) – yes I’m late to the party – who haven’t glimpsed the new Nike/Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial featuring Clay Matthews “blowing up” and attempting to sell Nike Carbon Fly Cleats, enjoy. We’ve all seen the countless sacks and on-field highlights, but these ads are gold, Jerry Clay, gold.

And Muscle Milk:

And “sports” in Spanish ESPN:

…and (videos included) the WWE , and Jim Rome , and Jimmy Kimmel Live , and Leno , and Suave ads. When the season begins these will all become moot, but for now, it’s all in good fun. And as long as Matthews stays off of TMZ and focused, which he will, I say the more the better.

Next stop, groupies Hollywood.


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  • Anita

    Consider he’s now the subject of an ESPN sideline sports reporter catfight on Deadspin (Rodgers also gets mention in it), I’d say “success achieved.” Full circle. Along with the goodies comes Deadspin and TMZ. The downside of fame.

    Unless you’re stupid enough to text your body parts to said reporters. THEN you deserve the downside of fame.

    • Ceallaigh

      I think the even funnier part of that story would be “other guy probably wasn’t given time of day.”

      Though you have to admit, he is hilarious in these segments. And he doesn’t deliver stuff too stiffly. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him in a booth or even acting when he hangs his cleats up.

      • Anita

        He is able to hold that “wtf dude, I am going to kick your ass” look on his face the entire time.

        He can never cut the hair now. It’s part of the persona.

        • http://www.twitter.com/RichWardJr Rich Ward

          The Kimmel video has Matthews dreaming he was bald; everybody makes fun of and ignores him… Haha, yes, definitely part of the persona. We all know what happened when Samson lost his locks…Don’t do it, Clay.

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