First of all, let me start out by saying that I respect and like Jayme Joers. Her posts at “Eat More Cheese”, the new addition to CheeseheadTv are welcome after a short (but too long to me) absence.

But I disagree with this post . And I have a few reasons why. My intent is not to start (or re-start) an argument, just pose a differing opinion.

The Packers going to the White House was a big point of motivation during the game. “1-2-3 White House!” Charles Woodson said, not only jokingly because President Obama is a Bears fan (dude, seriously?) and had said he was looking forward to going to the Bears’ (supposed) Super Bowl; but also because getting to the White House was saying “We won! You may not have taken us seriously, Mr. President (and any other Bears fan, Colin Cowherd, the list goes on…) but here we are.”

Yes, it sucks there was a lockout. Yes, it sucks the timing of the White House visit got pushed until after cuts and trades and free agent signings were (basically) over, at least the ones of the 2010 team members. I realize it complicated things. But.

I look at it this way. When you get married, you send out (in my family anyway) a number of invitations to people who you care about, who shaped you in some way, who wish they could be there but know that’s not possible (and you understand that going in) and by the very act of saying “I wish so much you could be with us” they feel more like they are with you. The point is, you wish they could come for a special day in your life and that’s what the invitation signifies.

The Packers did not do that. The one thing Ted needs to trade for (and not only for this reason) is a new PR department. He won’t, but he needs to. And no matter what you think about this particular issue, I think most of you agree with me.

It doesn’t matter these former Packers are thousands of miles away. It doesn’t matter they just started a new job and can’t take a day off. It doesn’t matter if they are still sitting on their couches waiting for the phone call from the agent. You can’t tell me at least some of these players weren’t hurt. Cullen Jenkins “joked” that he figured the Packers though he would embarass them. When asked point blank, he would not say he wasn’t upset, unless I missed a tweet.

What about Mark Tauscher? A treasure of Wisconsin and the Packers if ever I’ve seen one, who was cut and praised by Ted – and who was kept traveling with the team even after he had a season ending injury last season (very rare, as I understand it) – Mark doesn’t even get to go. Really? For all we know, he saved the season with his leadership and thoughtful comments on the OL’s play.

It’s a slap in the face. It’s not a big one, sure. Maybe it’s more of a princess wave as you watch the Homecoming Queen go by on the float (and you know she’s rubbing it in your face that you didn’t win). It’s not Picturegate (which to me was a much larger snub). But it does not acknowledge the fact that some of these guys played roles in the the season, playoffs and SB XLV win that were important. And they were all part of the team.

Don’t show disrespect to them by not even inviting them. Even if you know odds are they can’t make it. (BTW Ted, “logistics?” – GET NEW PR PEOPLE.) Maybe these guys wanted all of the happy ending, and to rub the win in the #1 Bears’ fan’s face one more time. Maybe by some miracle some of them could actually make the trip. Who could blame them for wanting to go?

But they weren’t invited.


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  • Jayme Joers

    That’s it, we’re taking this outside! :)

    Truthfully, I think its a little tacky to not invite them, point I wanted to bring up was that they didn’t even invite Desmond Howard the last time. I wish they would have invited them, but I get why they didn’t. Really, at think point, I don’t think there’s a way to make everyone happy.

    So yeah, I totally agree with the idea of your opinion, I guess I’m just choosing to not be upset about it.

  • Colleen

    I’m not upset really either, but it did bother me. I think they should have taken Desmond last time. I didn’t realize they didn’t do that. :)

    • Ceallaigh

      Wait, there’s a chick pit fight? Can Rehor and I bring popcorn?

      I think I can rationalize the other snubs–Jenkins, Korey, Colledge, etc need to move foward and establish their identity as members of other teams.

      But Tauscher? Really, he gets to watch it on TV? That’s one that I really don’t understand. And this isnt’ the first time he’s been cut from the team. Don’t snub the one guy on the team whose whole football career from pee wee football all the way through the pros was in Wisconsin.

  • Anita

    I agree that the invitation should be extended (wow…is it Photogate all over again). It stands to reason that the guys on other team rosters would decline. They are trying to establish themselves on another team, and I doubt they would be granted permission to attend. But guys like Tausch, who are not part of another organization, should be extended the invite. Particularly considering how many years of abuse Tausch took protecting the Faces of the Franchise!

  • foundinidaho

    Tausch says he’s not upset, and knowing the even keeled guy he is, I’m sure he’s telling the truth. But I still think it stinks.

  • John Rehor

    And why am I last name only again?

    I thought it was very inappropriate to not invite everyone who was on the roster and had an active role in winning the Super Bowl. I understand the ring the players wear on their finger is more important than meeting the POTUS, but it’s not the actual going that was important-it was the extension of the invite to them that was handled very poorly IMO

    Please carry on. I’ll be over here eating popcorn

  • Max

    I’m with you, Colleen. You have to extend the invitation. Most probably won’t be able to come, but at least you invited them. Didn’t Ted’s mother teach him any manners? ;)

  • Ruppert

    Shall we send them flowers, too? Maybe a nice fruit basket? We could pay for a couple sessions of therapy.

    Forget it.

    Maybe they should have stayed with the Packers instead of running someplace else for a bigger paycheck. Maybe they should have kept their mouths shut about the team picture during Super Bowl week.

    The Packers are not the only team to follow this protocol. It’s not their fault that the lockout struck. You can’t invite people on other teams’ payrolls to your team’s parties. It’s that simple. And there is nothing wrong with it.

  • Anita

    Not all the guys ran to another paycheck. Tausch has not, and he’s been with the organization for a long time, protecting their two high profile QB’s during his career. If Donald Driver had retired after the Super Bowl, or Charles Woodson’s collarbone injury ended his career, would you also agree that they should be excluded from the trip?

    Guys playing for other teams and getting a paycheck from another team, I can understand. They are the “property” of another organization. Not only that, there’s a ever present liability issue. The Packers can’t be responsible if something happens to them on the trip. “I’m sorry, Jags, but Jason Spitz tripped over Bo, the First Dog, and shattered his ankle….our bad.”

    Invite Tausch….and Chillar. After suffering another injury, he may be done with football.