This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is IFL Players.

Krystal Gray (New York Majesty)

Let’s talk about the good last night, which was a Brewers win over the Cubs, 2-0.  Brian has the skinny on the game .

Word on Rickie Weeks’ injury is that he’ll be ‘out for awhile’ & Jack at Disciples of Uecker says its Time To Step Up .

Miller Park Drunk isn’t feeling to good about things, thinking “He’s going to be out awhile” is Roenicke speak for the season is over .

Ryan from Bernie’s Crew cautions about Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket .

A lot of NFL Free Agent chatter going on and as it relates to Packer James Jones Aaron says It’s Entirely Up To Jones If He’s Back With The Pack .

Packer Update on why  TJ Lang should return to form , which I hope so with the news that Darren Colledge won’t be back (sorry Colleen).

A some Bucks news nuggets here:  Moncrief returns to Bucks’ bench, Brandon Jennings knows kung-fu, and a tub of socks .

Good Lord: Sweet Merciful Crap, Peter King Picked The Lions To Reach The Super Bowl (Kind Of) .

Well, it’s about time: MLB to Expand Instant Replay to Cover HRs and “Especially Shitty Calls” .

I thought there was only one, my bad, Eight Signs a Woman Wants You .

Really regretting what I had for lunch yesterday, Everyday Foods Made With Disgusting Ingredients .

But I Want To Believe… Top 10 Paranormal ‘Hoaxes’ Of All Time .

So glad to see Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled make this list, it was the only redeeming quality of that movie: Awesome Celebrity Swimsuit Looks in Movies .

I see a very bright future for Olivia Paige doing..something.

Crap – We’ll have to wait to hear about the severity of Rickie Weeks’ ankle injury but it sure doesn’t look good. For the short term, and I really do hope it is short and not the rest of the season, Weeks will be on the DL for the Brewers (& my Fantasy Team).  If Doug Melvin was debating staying pat in the trade market in regards to the infield that had to change last night.  As much as I love Craig Counsell he’s just not an everyday option at 2nd & really neither is Josh Wilson.  While I had hoped to see Melvin make a trade to shore up the left side of the infield it would appear now he’ll need to do so for the right side now.

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