This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is IFL Players.

Laura Cavender (LA Temptation)

Back at Miller Park last night, the Brewers took care of division rival Chicago 3-2, with the bullpen getting the most of the accolades.  Here’s Brian’s look back at the game .

Brewers closer John Axford also tied the club record with his 25th consecutive save last night. Jaymes from the Brewers Bar looks at Axford’s current streak .

In case you missed it last night, Rich posted a transcript of an interview Brewers’ pitcher Shawn Marcum did on the Tony Bruno radio show. Best quote is Marcum saying “… if I were to pick a place to get traded to –I told my wife – I don’t think I could have picked a better place “. That’s awesome.

Miller Park Drunk with To trade (for a shortstop) or not to trade, that is the question .

As predicted it was a busy day for the Packers yesterday, as they  Reportedly Bring Aboard 14 Undrafted Free Agents .

Really no surprise (or love lost) here: Packers Will Cut Nick Barnett .

Here’s a run down of former Badgers who hopefully found some work yesterday .

Pretty entertaining, The History of Baseball in One Facebook Thread .

I agree with all of these, except the first one of course: Upset Alert! 4 Pivotal November Games to Watch in the Big Ten .

I’m guilty of wearing a few of these 50 Men’s Fashion Trends That Never Should Have Happened .

I’ll still listen to most of these 11 Songs From Past Decades That Got Played Out in the 2000s.

These all look like a lot of fun, 6 Insane Holidays You’ll Wish You Celebrated .

I can’t even imagine the time it would take to ‘yarn bomb’ something… 22 Pictures Of Yarn Bombing Awesomeness .

Maybe some of you out there may find this helpful, 10 Dating Tips for Height Challenged Men .

Correct: Whoever Celine Brink is, she’s a supernova of hotness .

It’s Still The Cubs – Going into this series with the Cubs, there’s a some what lackluster sheen as the Cubs are definitely not the Cubs of past years.  However, they are still the Cubs, a divisional foe and a team which historically has given the Brewers fits. I was a little concerned handing the 1 run lead to Loe in the 6th because, well, its Kameron Loe but he came through although to make it interesting he did load the bases.  I think I said it last week, but these next three series should catapult the Brewers ahead in the division and hopefully it’ll be a lead they can maintain through August & September.

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