This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is IFL Players.

Melany Lorenzo  (San Diego Seduction)

So close, but yet so far as the Brewers dropped the last game of the series to the Giants yesterday, 2-1. Brian recaps things for you here .

The Brewers Bar says  Joe West’s Crew Strikes Again .

Miller Park Drunks thinks these drunken Miller Park seat squatting jerks are ruining America .

Here’s a question I would like an answer to, Will the Brewers Make a Trade at the Deadline?

Salvation, football salvation that is, may be at hand: NFL, NFLPA Agree To Terms On New CBA .

Is anyone really surprised here? Eagles Reportedly Interested In Favre .

B5Q continues their Badgers Football preseason player rankings, numbers 11-15 in this edition .

Calling the Soup Nazi a villain may be pushing it a bit, 5 Villains That Were Thinly-Veiled Versions of Real People .

Pretty sure you won’t be needing a pocket fan at Lambeau in December, Things You Will Need To Attend A Sporting Event .

Whoa…I mean…just wow: Jenny McCarthy Exploded When She Was Pregnant .

Ugh, I remember the “Fiji’s” all too well from college: 7 ways to spot a former frat boy .

Speaking of college, and I will admit to none of these unless under duress, 9 (More) Sexual Mistakes You Made in College .

I can see some of these being fun, 20 Guys We’d Gladly Change Lives With .

Sarah Michelle Gellar Remains Hot, yes she does.

Still In First – The good news is that after that losing West Coast road swing the Brewers are still in first place.  The bad news is that the Brewers are in a three way tie for that first position spot.  As fate will have it though, we’re looking at a very nice 3 series set against the Cubs, Astros & then Cardinals starting Tuesday all at Miller Park.  Every one of these series is winnable so I’m hoping for big things and by the middle of next week the Brewers having created something of a cushion and some distance for their position on top of the NL Central standings.

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