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Olivia Inge

Another Brewers’ win, although not without some questionable defense & an injury marring it.  Brian shares his thoughts in the 250 Recap from last night .

Speaking of the aforementioned injury: Gomez Suffers Fractured Shoulder; Brett Carroll Up .

Jaymes lets us know why Carlos Beltran Would Be Nice, But Unnecessary .

Kris at AllGreenBayPackers on Mike McCarthy’s Challenge In 2011 .

And wouldn’t this be nice? Both Sides Could Vote On New CBA Thursday .

I’m sooo glad Badger football fans even get to debate a question like this one: James White named to Walter Camp watch list, but is Ball the better back?

A profile on Badger hoops prospect Eron Harris from Phil at B5Q.

Good to see he’s keeping busy, Brandon Jennings throws the alley-oop…to himself .

This has promise… Jenn Sterger Shot A Pilot For Spike TV Where She Interviews Celebrities While Bowling .

You’ve prolly seen some of these before, still great none the less: 11 Beautiful Spelling Errors on Sports Jerseys.

Alright, guess I can quit working out now, TSA Will No Longer See You Naked .

Worth watching, History of Rap Part 2 with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake!

Arrgh, thar be treasure out thar… 12 Real Life Buried Treasures .

These are all pretty funny, WTF is Ken Jeong Doing in the Background of this Kate Upton Photo for GQ?

In honor of here birthday yesterday, Gisele Bundchen Overdose

Rare Success On The Road – The Brewers winning last night make this a 4-3 road trip so far.  Yes, I didn’t mix those two numbers up although I can’t blame you if you thought I did.  If the Brewers can win tonight with Greinke on the bump they’ll be set up nicely going to San Francisco over the weekend.  There is no way I see the Brewers losing all three against the Giants so I’m thinking the worst that can come out of this trip is a .500 record and if I’m being really optimistic maybe even a winning one.  Let’s see how confident I am about that prior statement though after tonight’s game, so don’t quote me quite just yet. Or particular interest in these upcoming games will be seeing how Nyjer Morgan adjusts to being what I can only imagine will be an everyday job at center field.  In Tony Plush We Trust.

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  • Kenn Hoekstra

    Hah hah! Ken Jeong is priceless!