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Olivia Palermo

As Brian says in the 250 Recap, Welcome to the Twilight Zone . A night after the Brewers couldn’t get a run to save their lives, last night they notched 11.  Be nice if they could spread those around, eh?

The Brewers Bar has some Random Rumor Musings on Dodger Shortstops .

Jack over at Disciples of Uecker asks is Zack Greinke Figuring It Out?

At we have The Packers New Evolutionary Chart: From John Kuhn to D.J. Williams .

ACME Packing Company is wondering, once it starts, Who Should The Packers Sign In Free Agency?

B5Q with One Watt Out, One Watt In .

Well, of course this is the next logical step here: USA Goaltender Hope Solo to do Dancing with the Stars?

Don’t see how anyone of these were really thought out ahead of time, The 5 Worst Promotions Sports Teams Have Ever Come Up With .

I actually knew most of these, although Hugh Laurie In ‘Friends’ took me by surprise, Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were in Classic Movies and Shows .

Have to remember these next time someone asks, Four Reasons Why Friends Shouldn’t Help Friends Move .

I have never been to any of these Top 10 Douchebag Destinations .

Shel Silverstein was published in Playboy, did not know that, 9 Famous Names You Wouldn’t Guess Got Their Start In Playboy .

That’s all right, we still love them: Hope Solo, Alex Morgan screw up SportsNation intro .

Rowr… The 32 Hottest Cougars In Hollywood .

Even A Blind Squirrel… – With a big night of bats for the Brewers, Yuni Betancourt actually paced everyone with 2 HRs, 4 RBIs & 3 runs scored.  Wow, anyone but Yuni I would be excited about that as perhaps it was a ‘spark’ to break out for the remainder of the season.  Unfortunately, just don’t see that happen and this was more likely than not the rare exception to the norm when it comes to Betancourt.  All in all though, a solid offensive performance from the team, something we’ve rarely seen on the road from this team and a welcome sight indeed.

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