This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is selections from Vanity Fair

Uma Thurman

No love for the Brewers bats last night as Arizona & their rookie pitcher Josh Collmenter beat the Brewers 3-0.  Brian stayed up late to recap the game for you .

Jim at Bernie’s Crew rounds up the Brewers Trade Rumors for you, the Ian Desmond one is interesting.  Hadn’t heard that one before but as Jim says, may be too expensive.

Speaking of replacements for Betancourt, Jack from Disciples of Uecker illustrates In One Play, Why Josh Wilson Should Start Over Yuniesky Betancourt .

Aaron reports that Packers Players Told To Report To Green Bay  although this tweet by QB1 seems to disprove that.  Maybe they just forgot to call Rodgers?

Michael over at Packer Update thinks Jermichael Finley needs to keep quiet .

Badger of Honor with where Nebraska fits in .

Cracked Sidewalks presents Warrior Travels:  Road Warrior Best of …

Here you go single guys, Great Places to Meet Women .

I wouldn’t say Steve Martin’s banjo playing skills are a secret, he’s been doing that for ages & quite well, 10 Celebrities With Secret Skills .

This would be awesome, Boba Fett spin-off movie a possibility?

Wait long enough and we’ll prolly see some of these  15 Dumbest Google Products (That Don’t Actually Exist Yet) .

Fun fact…actually, not really all that fun but still a fact none the less, I’ve never read or seen a Harry Potter based anything: Top 10 Harry Potter Myths .

Whew, I was wondering what they all meant: Social Media, Explained .

I’m a little underwhelemed by these Kate Upton, Beach Bunny show photos but of course I’ll still post them.

Sort of Famaliar  - Tonight is the first game of the Brewers’ weekend series against the Giants and also very possibly one of the best pitching match-ups so far this season. The Giants will trot out Tim Lincecum to the mound while Shaun Marcum will be toeing the rubber for the ‘Crew. Marcum has just been phenomenal this season for the Brewers (and my fantasy team), sitting on 6 wins with a 2.36 ERA and 62 K’s. Lincecum hasn’t been too shabby either, with a 2.06 ERA & 78 strikeouts so far. This has all the making of that Carpenter vs Gallardo game a couple of years ago, although I’m not sure Marcum will be knocking out a HR to score the only run of the game like Gallardo did.

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