Feeling better about this one Brewer fans?

After getting beat senseless in the first two games of the series, the Brewers took their second straight 1-run win to split the series with the Colorado Rockies, 4-3 this time.

To say Milwaukee is happy to leave Colorado with a 2-2 split is an understatement. Today’s game was the only one of the series in which Milwaukee never trailed on the scoreboard. They actually out-hustled another team and survived just by being the one to make less mistakes. The two teams tied in errors over the 4 games, five apiece, and generally looked unprepared to start up after the All-Star break. Perhaps it was today’s heat, but while the Brewers weren’t perfect on all the routine plays, the Rockies were just that much worse.

Shaun Marcum looked tolerable, a nice average effort that ended early after a minor neck ailment. The bullpen held on again, coming up heroes. Francisco Rodriguez can sure claim part of that title as the Crew has now won both games he has played in. Is that a miraculous sign of perfection to come for K-Rod? Hardly. But the Brewers must feel good knowing that 4, 5, 6 runs can still win ballgames.

They make their way to Arizona tomorrow for another 4-game set. Randy Wolf takes the mound for the Brewers as they took to hold first place again.


Big big thanks to Chris and BigSnakeMan for covering the work over the weekend. Chris’ audio summaries are a great break for any of you that get tired of reading.


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