There is no crying in baseball.

Sometimes you just have to get back up, dust off, and return to work. The Milwaukee Brewers, fresh off an exciting All-Star break in which Prince Fielder won the game’s MVP and a big trade boosted the bullpen, the team completely crashed in a loss to the Colorado Rockies 12-3.

Take your pick: all aspects of the game were way-off. Starter Yovani Gallardo will want to label this as rust after the Midsummer Classic, which the National League won 5-1. The team began an 11-game road trip today, and got absolutely crushed. The Rockies belted 20 hits, 11 off Gallardo. His day ended after 4 innings, and he looked nothing like himself, loosely scattering pitches all over the place and having little control.

Could it be just a fluke performance? The Brewers haven’t been great on the road, but rarely look this helpless. The defense certainly was a factor as the Crew officially recorded 2 errors and unofficially had a few more, including one reversed in Fielder’s favor. Beyond some energy from the start, the Brewers couldn’t keep pace with Colorado. Ryan Braun, returning from 11 days of injury rest, singled in the first to keep his hitting streak alive. They scored 2 of their 3 runs in the first two innings and vanished after that. In order to get everyone back in game shape, Ron Roenicke cleared the bench in the 8th with the score well out of hand.

Is this a sign of things to come? Chris Narveson will continue the series tomorrow evening. Perhaps the Brewers will get to see newly-acquired pitcher Francisco Rodriguez, obtained in a trade with the Mets two days prior.


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