This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From Movies I’ve Never Seen

Jamie Chung (Suckerpunch)

We’ll put the focus on the U.S. Women’s Soccer team win yesterday, earning them a slot in the World Cup Final.  I asked one of the most knowledgeable soccer minds I know to share her thoughts on this team & the World Cup so in case you missed it last night,  “They are our Girls” – On a Mission for World Cup Glory .

Jayme’s not alone though, as Winks from The Bucky Channel also chimes in on how the U.S. Women Keep Up Their Impressive Run .

Miller Park Drunk with The Best and Worst of the Milwaukee Brewers first half .

Disciples of Uecker has a Q & A with Wisconsin Timber Rattler pitcher Jimmy Nelson .

Something I think we can all agree on, It’s Time to Right this Wrong – Jerry Kramer Belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame .

Of course, doesn’t mean a thing but still fun, Badgers earn Sugar Bowl berth in EA Sports’ simulated season .

Not as cool as seeing it rupture but still worth watching, Hey, Who Wants To Watch New Roof At The Metrodome Get Inflated?

I know I’m in the minority here, but I actually don’t mind Joe Buck, Joe Buck’s Wikipedia page speaks for a nation .

Why do they always show that one Packers fan in lists like these? 11 Careers Where It’s Ideal To Be Obese.

Wow are people dumb, The Story of Man .

This is impressive, Giant Homemade R2-D2 .

How are these people on this ‘tourist attraction’ not screaming for their lives? Yeah, This 18-Foot Saltwater Crocodile Will Ruin Your Day .

Sponge worthy? The Funniest Inanimate Objects from Seinfeld .

This seems appropriate after yesterday, The 8 Sexiest Players On The US Women’s National Soccer Team .

The Road Not Travelled – I know we hardly ever…well, never…talk about soccer here but the USA Women’s National Soccer team is going to the World Cup final, which is pretty news worthy.  While yesterday’s match didn’t have the exciting finish that Sunday’s did against Brazil it was still fun to watch them win while really getting a little out played by France in the second half.  While you won’t find me tuning into MLS,EPL or pretty much any other soccer related programming anytime soon, watching your country’s best play other countries’ best is well worth the time.  The U.S. Team will play Japan on Sunday for a chance at the title. Oh…and here’s my obligatory ‘guy’ comment…there’s also the benefit of being able to watch players like Hope Solo & Alex Morgan, both who are pretty easy on the eyes.

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