This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From Movies I’ve Never Seen

Anna Faris (The House Bunny)

While Brewers’ Prince Fielder being named the All-Star Game MVP was pretty cool, the big news last night was that the Brewers Acquired Francisco Rodriguez And Cash For Two Players To Be Named

The Bucky Channel looks at how last night’s All-Star game features a couple of Milwaukee firsts .

More on the K-Rod trade from Jim at Bernie’s Crew.

From Big 10 Rant Wisconsin: Kiper likes the Badgers’ O-Line; Rivals compiles top recruiting teams .

One less asst. coach for the Bucks, Kelvin Sampson to the Houston Rockets .

In case you don’t recognize the names here, this is about Sunday’s USA-Brazil World Cup Match & I could’t agree more with it, Can Megan Rapinoe get credit for her incredible crossing pass? It was Favre-to-Sharpe .

I can remember a couple of these, the screen grabs particularly, when they happened: 15 Photos Athletes Wish They Could Have Back .

Not which ‘accomplishments’ here are more impressive, A Retrospective Of Derek Jeter’s 3,000 Hits, Women .

Presented without comment: 9 White Lies Guys Tell Girls .

This is a tourist attraction? Seems more like an adventure tour…where you could get eaten alive:

How many of these  Different Types Of Cab Drivers have you rode with?

This one actually makes sense I think “Romantic comedies set unrealistic relationship goals”,  The 10 Dumbest Sex And Relationship Studies Ever Conducted.

Most of these are pretty funny, The Twenty Worst Parking Fails Of All Time.

Maybe we should make this Mila Kunis week here, Six Delightful Pics of Mila Kunis in GQ’s August 2011 Issue .

A Good Night  - Much like how the HR Derby title means little in the real world of baseball, the All-Star MVP award means about the same but to have a Brewer win it is still pretty nice.  Even nicer is that it was Prince’s 3-run shot which put the National League ahead & kept them there for the remainder of the night, giving the Brewers National League home field advantage for the World Series.  The K-Rod trade, well what can you say?  It’ll be interesting to see how he is used but it definitely adds to the a suspect bullpen of late. Best tweet of the night about the trade comes courtesy of our own, as Rich announced:

Breaking: News of K-Rod and Plush in the same lockerroom; team psychologist’s head explodes.

Now, let’s just hope this is the beginning of some Doug Melvin dealing magic *cough*shortstop*cough*. Could be an interesting remainder of the month if so.

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