Get over it
Get over it
If you don’t want to play, then you might as well split
Get over it, get over it

“Get Over It” – Eagles

While we still wait for the end of this interminable lockout, I’ve had the time to contemplate what I’ve learned about the Packer Nation and being a Packers Blogger (in my small way) in the past several months. I’m grateful that the Pocket Doppler family and everyone else who has been nice enough to read my posts have been putting up with my ramblings.

There’s a few things I’ve decided I’ve committed to as personal rules/credos around how I conduct myself as a Packers fan and a Packers blogger. Agree with one, or none, it’s a free country.

  • I will remember there’s no guaranteed payday that goes along with blogging. I’m writing about something I love, and if I don’t love the Packers (like that would ever happen) or the time I’m spending writing about it anymore, I will walk away. Quietly. With respect for those I’ve worked with for years and for myself. Here’s a good example of how to do that.
  • I will remember, as CD Angeli noted so well , that as a blogger, I’m not a “professional journalist” a la Greg Bedard, Jen Lada, Lori Nickel, Mike Freeman etc. Press passes for bloggers are hard to come by. Therefore, in order to have access to the players, I am going to have to approach them a bit differently. I’m not going to ask the same types of questions. I may approach certain ones and not others based on my knowledge of them. If contact is made, I will treat a player with respect until I am treated otherwise. Players who may seem to be crude or otherwise challenging might actually be great interviews and treat me with great respect and kindness. That doesn’t preclude me from criticizing or being honest about how I feel or think, it just makes it doing it and continuing to have access to players a little more delicate.
    • I may not care for every player on the roster, but I don’t have to. I will trust Ted and Mike to handle any player who doesn’t live up to their expectations, on or off the field. I may criticize their play or attitude at times, I may cuss at them a bit (Daryn Colledge, I forever apologize to you) but I am not their judge and jury, nor do I have the right (or ability, I expect) to impact how or in what city they play. I may strongly disagree with their personal or political views and not watch or read anything involving them outside a game. But? I also know if a player does something that so completely reflects poorly on the organization, Ted won’t stand for it. He may not be on Twitter or Facebook, but you can’t tell me he doesn’t know EXACTLY what goes on with the players. The man doesn’t have a life outside the Packers. He has to be doing something with his free time.

*Note: I’ve heard about more than one player who probably should have been run out of town on a rail BT (before Ted). Didn’t necessarily happen. We’ll see if that changes. Still, it’s his job, not mine.*

  • Lastly, and most importantly, I’m going to remember that the people I interact with on Twitter and in the blogosphere are real people, with real feelings, real family and real friends. Even the ones who are hurtful to me. Even the players. Even the people I disagree with. Even the ones I’m angry at. Even the people I’ve never met in real life. Especially those people. I will remember that people I’ve never met are kind enough to send flowers to my Dad’s funeral. To offer their condolences and advice from personal experience on dealing with such an event. Offer to have parties and open their homes and parking spots when my husband and I come to Green Bay. To meet me and my family in a pub in Washington, DC to have dinner and say hi (I miss Holly, BTW). And – to have a respectful, healthy dialogue regarding one of my posts via e-mail (or even just letting me know it was read and enjoyed), or go out of one’s way to come by a tailgate party in Seattle to say hi to “just a fan” (and a fan that wasn’t very nice sometimes in initial interactions), even though these were very busy professional journalists. I’ve made those I consider real friends in these spaces. There are too many of you to list, but you know who you are, and I’m so excited to meet many of you in October. If not then, another time, I hope.

    While I keep in mind that online persona doesn’t always equal real-life persona, I have found without exception that the Packer fans or writers I’ve met through teh Interwebs are as they have portrayed themselves. I refuse to treat them cruelly or with disrespect. If I get to the point I feel like that’s the only way to handle someone, it’s time to walk away from that person. Even if it makes me sad because I still care about him or her.

And? I’m going to know when to just drop a subject. That would be now. I’m over it.



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