Wild walk off fashion.

The Milwaukee Brewers took their 3rd straight win, 8-7 against the Cincinnati Reds. With St. Louis also losing tonight, the Brewers return to 1st place in the division. The Pittsburgh Pirates moved into a tie for 2nd.

Mark Kotsay had the game winning RBI single in the 9th to finish a big rally. The Brewers brought 8 players to the plate in the final inning, and him and Nyjer Morgan drove in the runs that won the game.

The theme of Brewers’ players earning runs and giving them back up continued. Kotsay hit a solo home run in the 6th inning and the clutch final hit, but also had an error in the 7th that allowed Cincinnati to stay in the inning and take the lead. Last seasons’ Milwaukee Bucks were a team that needed offense so badly they could sacrifice defense. The Brewers need to decide how vital offense is to them as they aren’t desperate enough to put Kotsay in the lineup as often as they do.

Zack Greinke started for the Crew and went 6 decent innings, nothing bad, but nothing spectacular. He has gotten an average of almost 6 runs per game in the last 5, and has done just enough to stick around in each game. The Brewers won the game after former teammate Francisco Cordero.

Rickie Weeks had the big game for the Brewers, going 2 for 5 with 2 RBIs and an inside the park home run. They put up 12 hits against the Reds, but got some luck in the end.

Shaun Marcum gets the start tomorrow. Stay tuned tomorrow afternoon to hear an update about Ryan Braun’s status to play.


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