This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women’s World Cup

Heather Mitts (United States)

Came down to the wire, but the result was still what we were looking for – a Brewers Win. Brian walks you through the win here .

With Zack Greinke on the mound tonight, this post from Miller Park Drunk is timely: Wake Up Mr. Greinke.

The Brewers Bar says Roenicke’s Bullpen Management Improving, But…

Best title analogy ever?  Possibly. Packers’ Chad Clifton Must Once Again Channel Major League’s Jake Taylor in 2011 ,

Being optimistic about the Lockout ending soon, Packer Update is Looking ahead to free agency .

Brew Hoop touches on a number of NBA/Bucks related items here: Lockout financials, boring websites, and remembering Armen Gilliam .

Any surprise there are 2 Badgers on this list? Shouldn’t be. Who are the top running backs in the Big Ten for 2011?

I meant to post this yesterday but forgot, a Nebraska sports writer looks at Wisconsin (h/t Dan Walsh ): Lost In the Big Ten: Wisconsin .

I can’t argue with a single one of these guys being on this list of the 9 Most Overrated Players In the MLB Today .

I’ve actually been struggling with this very question, Game of Thrones: To Read or Not to Read?

These all should make you feel like Parents of the Year (I hope): The 13 Absolute Worst Parents of 2011 .

The Home Alone house is currently available too! 8 Famous Hollywood Movie Homes .

Can’t believe someone took the time to put this list together. More important, why the hell am I posting it?  The 50 Greatest Sneaker Moments In Movies.

Haven’t had Kate Upton here for awhile, time to remedy that: Kate Upton’s killer curves make t-shirts look good .

Much Needed Win – Beyond just stringing two wins together, last night’s win was all the more sweeter because it was over divisional foe Cincinnati, a team which has had the Brewers’ number all season.  Now here’s the real question: Will this be a true return to 1982 with the Brewers wearing the Throwback Unis all the way?  Of course the answer is no as I don’t see that happening however I wouldn’t be surprised to see the throwbacks being used tonight and possibly the rest of the weekend.  As long as the Brewers are winning, keep wearing whatever you want…oh yeah, and play solid ball on the field.  That’ll help too.

Have a great weekend, cheer on the ‘Crew, pray for the NFL Lockout to end and we’ll see you back here bright and early Monday morning.

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  • Jody

    Tonight is a scheduled “Retro Friday” uniform night for the Brewers, so we’ll definitely be seeing the pinstripes either way.