This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women’s World Cup

Alex Morgan (USA)

A promising return home to Miller Park turned ugly late as the Brewers blew a 6-1 lead yesterday.  I think we can all agree with the Bucky Channel recap here: Alright, Now I’m a Little Pissed .

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ACME Packing Company is Looking Back At Two Seasons Under Dom Capers . takes a break from Packers talk to discuss the Badgers and how this is A Season To Be Excited About . with a little of everything here: Andrew Bogut expected to miss Olympic qualifiers, Brandon Jennings and Larry Sanders options picked up .

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People will buy anything: The Craziest (And Coolest) Celebrity Items Ever Listed And Purchased At Auctions .

Luckily I don’t use any of these 7 clichés that make you want to punch someone in the mouth .

Hopefully none of you experienced anything similar to these  Nine Fantastic Fireworks Failures .

Give a salute: Stars and stripes, red, white and blue bikinis .

That Stunk – Most had to be ecstatic when Marcum hit his Grand Slam to put the Brewers up 6-1 in the fourth inning yesterday afternoon.  That soon turned to concern then dread from the 6th on. Not sure what you can say here that hasn’t been said.  Perhaps Ron Roenicke said it best, “We better start playing good ball or we’re going to find ourselves down going into the break”.  Let’s hope Roenicke and company can follow up on that statement.

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