This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From HBO Shows.

Emmanuelle Chriqui (Entourage)

I’m sure the Brewers were as happy to get out of the Big Apple as the fans were to see them leave, after an embarrassing series against the Yankees & caping it off with a shut out loss yesterday afternoon .

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Still understand the appeal behind this… Finally! A “planking” picture that actually makes sense .

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Too deep?  Possible but a good read none the less, Game of Thrones and the Aesthetics of Fascism .

Another reason to move to Brazil, 10 Sexy Photos of Monica Apor in Maxim Brazil .

Cya NYC – Well, anyone else glad that’s over with?  Not only was it a series loss but the Brewers also got shut out, nothing like adding a little salt to the wound. Tonight we start a series against the Twins whom I am sure are looking for no small measure of revenge after the Brewers swept them in Miller Park.  Now, the Twins are not the Yankees so this series is winnable and for the Brewers’ and fans sake, I hope there are wins…hell, I’ll take A road win after that last series.

And with that happy thought, I hope you all have a great, safe July 4th weekend. The DD will be taking a day off on July 4th but will be back on Tuesday the 5th, we’ll see you then.

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