This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From HBO Shows.

Ana de la Reguera (Eastbound & Down)

As BigSnakeMan says in his recap, filling in for Brian last night, it was better than the night before but the result was the same for the Brewers in the W-L column.

It’s not all bad though as Jaymes over at The Brewers Bar says that At (the) Halfway Point, Brewers Still Look Good .

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So very true, Herman Edwards’ Speech At NFLPA Rookie Symposium Is Super Awesome .

Max at Purple Pants, Green Jersey on why Packers Fans Should Thank UCF Coach George O’Leary .

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Always been a fan, Jenn Brown: Erin Andrews ESPN Successor?

Please tell me this is photoshop’d, Holy Incredible Hulk Arms, Batman! Maria Sharapova’s Two Tickets To The Gun Show .

Reason 367 why I won’t swim in the ocean, If You Were Thinking About Going In The Ocean This Summer Think Again .

Tell a woman’s dress size?  Really?  That’s just unrealistic not to mention dangerous, 30 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do .

Yeah, I would avoid these Five Unacceptable Reasons for Starting a Bromance .

I suppose with Independance Day coming up this is apropos: Top 10 Patriotic Movies .

Just another benefit of being a pro athelete, 5 Notorious Sports Groupies .

I want to be English royalty, 10 Photos Of Prince Harry’s New Girlfriend, Model Florence Brudenell-Bruce .

This Over Yet? – You had to have a little optimism early on in the Brewers game last night although it didn’t last long. The East Coast has not been kind to the Brewers and the road in general has been an issue all year. Those much maligned ‘road woes are something I hope, should October baseball come along, can be remedied otherwise the aforementioned October baseball will be short lived. We get to look forward to an afternoon game today so here’s hoping the Brewers can avoid the sweep before they head over to Minnesota for the weekend.

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  • BigSnakeMan

    If the Brewers don’t get their road woes solved, they won’t have to worry much about playing in October, much less winning.