This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From HBO Shows.

Lena Headey (Game of Thrones)

Well, that was discouraging. Whether it was Greinke’s 2 innings (!!) or the poor defense behind him, the Brewers last night were outmatched by the Yankees.  Should you want to relive the pain, checkout Brians’s recap here .

The Brewers Bar says Blaming Greinke’s Bad Start on Anxiety is Lazy .

Disciples of Uecker is looking into the crystal ball, wondering Who are the Brewers’ next three starting pitchers?

Zach over at All Green Bay Packers offers up A Few Areas Where the Packers Can Improve in 2011 .

Brew Hoop is having some fun Predicting the newest Milwaukee Bucks’ jersey numbers .

I imagine this will be the prevelant topic for awhile when it comes to the Badgers: Bielema talks Wilson transfer . on the Badgers first Big Ten game of the year against Nebraska .

Anonymous Eagle with #21 For The Bulls, #1 For Your Recruiting Future .

Some of these actually seem true… 10 Events That Led the Dodgers to Bankruptcy .

I bet Karen Gillan is hoping she had a real TARDIS this week: ‘Doctor Who’ Star Karen Gillan Found Naked in Hotel Hallway .

Wait, KISS was in a movie? I hope it was as wonderfully bad as Spice World …er…I mean, I heard Spice World was really bad.  10 Movies That Famous People Don’t Want You to See .

Nerdy greatness, Battle of the Kirks .

None of these could have be as bad as Two & a Half Men, right? 8 TV Show Concepts For Charlie Sheen .

I see why Raychel Frew won Miss Hawaiian Tropic.

Busted in the Bronx – I had back to back baseball games for my boys last night so missed the early innings of the Brewers game.  After the last game got over, I got in the truck to go home, turned on the radio only to hear Uecker say ‘And at the end of four, it’s Brewers 2, Yankees 7.’ As you all know it didn’t get much better. The continuation of the enigma that is Zack Greinke continued last night. Best tweet of the night was early in the game from Jaymes at The Brewers Bar , ‘Second inning and Greinke’s already in “I have to strike everyone out” mode because he doesn’t trust the D, even against guys trying to bunt’…while that may be true you still expect more out a supposed ace, which I still believe Greinke is/can be.  Oh well, let’s see how tonight goes with another pitcher on the mound who should be familiar with the Yankees in Shaun Marcum.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Chris, BrewTownBoozer & Brian for filling in for me while I was away last week/early this week.  It was fun reading the Daybreak Doppler those days without actually know what was in it.

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